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5 Signs Your Child Will Grow Up to Be an Engineer

Sometimes, you can tell your child’s future before they even become aware of what they like to do. Certain behaviors can sometimes indicate a future in one career or another. Below are five signs that your child’s behavior might just suggest a future as an engineer.

They Love to Build

It’s a bit of a stereotype to think of future engineers as builders, but children who are engrossed with building toys may be drawn to the creative side of that profession. What you’re looking for is not just imaginative play, but a certain adherence to systems that sets them apart. These children are those who build things to see if they can make them work, not just to view the structure.

They’re Focused

One major sign that your child thinks a little differently than everyone else is his or her level of focus. Future engineers are often able to focus on the minute aspects of a task that might bore others, often for longer than you’d expect at their age. Your child may not focus on everything with that kind of laser-like intensity, but important topics will engross them.

They Take Things Apart

Future engineers aren’t just builders—they love to see how things work. You might think your child is just destructive, but take a moment to look at how they play. If they are taking things apart with moving parts and work to put them back together, you might have a future engineer on your hands. This might not always be easy on your bank account, but try to encourage your child to keep looking at how things work. Consider buying cheap used toys and allowing your child to dismantle them. After all, breaking things has led to “breakthroughs” in the past.

They Prioritize Differently

Future engineers are insanely good at prioritizing the things that are important to them, often to the detriment of other aspects of their life. If your child would rather build than play or would rather read than hang out with friends, he or she may be a future engineer. Many engineers have great social skills, but most do prioritize their work over other things.

They Work Hard and Smart

Engineers are known for great work ethics. They are also known, though, for figuring out how to work efficiently. If your child has a great system for finishing homework or has figured out a more efficient way to get chores done, he or she may be a future engineer.

Engineers are in high demand across many fields. These are the people who build, maintain, and improve many of the industrial and consumer products that define our lives. If your child seems to be a future engineer, encourage it—after getting a masters in civil engineering online someday, he or she may be heading towards a great career!

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