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5 Signs You’re Moving into a Perfect Neighborhood

You are looking to move, and you want to find that perfect neighborhood for you and your family. While every neighborhood has its quirks, certain neighborhoods tend to show signs of being the perfect place to raise a family or invest in owning your own home. The following are five signs you should look for when helping you locate a perfect neighborhood in which to live.

Pride in Ownership

It can be a troubling sign when a neighborhood has cracked sidewalks, unkempt yards and abandoned homes that are all run down. Such neighborhoods tend to attract a bad element, because neglect is the standard way of life in such places. Alternatively, home-owners who take pride in their property will contribute positively to their neighborhood. They will make sure their home looks in good repair and the curb appeal will be above average. This will be visible from one house to the next if the home-owners take pride in their place of residence.

The Right Atmosphere

When checking out the atmosphere of a neighborhood you are interested in, it is best to visit at night. Usually how a neighborhood is in the evening, when everyone is home from work, will give you a good indication how calm or rough a neighborhood is. Note, you should expect a little more night time activity on weekends and less during the work week. If there are no wild parties going on every night of the week, then chances are you have found a nice quiet neighborhood in which to relocate.

Bars on the Windows

If you are checking out homes in a neighborhood where there are bars on the windows, then this is a classic sign of a high crime area. While it is sometimes true that a neighborhood’s crime rate can change for the better, chances of this happening are slim. If you can get in contact with a police officer who patrols the area, they can often give you a heads up which neighborhoods are high crime areas, and which are not. This can really help your search for that perfect neighborhood.

Newer Home Constructions

While running comparables with your realtor, you should take some time to ask them about which neighborhoods harbor more new home constructions. Areas with a lot of new home constructions are generally better areas to buy into, since there is usually a lot of equity growth and potential in these areas. A seasoned realtor from a company like The John Quinn Home Selling Team: REMAX Experts should be able to help you acquire this kind of information.


When looking for the perfect neighborhood, you should take into consideration how much access you will have to schools, stores and other places of public accommodation. A neighborhood may look great on the surface, but it could still have very limited access to places you like to frequent. While a perfect neighborhood is difficult to find, sometimes it comes down to compromising a little on certain aspects of a neighborhood to get more of what you want out of other aspects.


The perfect utopian neighborhood is truly in the eye of the beholder. To find what you are looking for, it helps to have a good checklist of ideas in mind. This way you will have a good idea if you are getting warm, or not really finding what you are looking for in the areas you are considering.

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