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5 Simple Ways to Stay Cool in the Summertime

5 Simple Ways to Stay Cool in the SummertimeIn summer, the sun shines bright and hot all day. Hot weather is uncomfortable and can be bad for your health. Summer heat even comes with some skin and health problems. It is possible to maximize your comfort and save costs in the summer by adopting these simple cooling techniques.

Stay hydrated

You should ensure every member of the family takes enough water to keep their cells hydrated for the body to function normally. Sweating makes people lose lots of water. Therefore, staying hydrated enables the body to regulate the temperatures. You should also minimize the family intake of caffeine and soft drinks as they promote dehydration. You can add essential oils or lemon to the water to add a fresh burst.

Dress appropriately

  • Ensure your family wears clothes that protect them from the ultraviolet rays. Much of the skin should be covered. Opt for long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • Go for lightweight clothes, especially those made from natural materials such as linen and cotton. Bright colors are also good since they reflect much of the light and heat.
  • Breathable fabrics are the best option for hot weather. You should avoid fabrics that trap moisture since they create unpleasant odors. Natural fibers are good at absorbing moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate. Cotton is comfortable and allows the body to perspire with ease. It also absorbs moisture.

Maintain the cooling system

Before the hot weather commences, you should ensure the cooling system is well maintained. It is advisable to hire a professional like Doctor Fix-It once or twice in a year to inspect it. If the system is old, you should think about getting a new one, preferably one that saves energy. The filters, coils, and other parts of an air conditioner require regular maintenance for them to function efficiently. After the hot season, store the air conditioner in the attic, utility room, or basement.

Consume mint leaves

This inexpensive herb can be a blessing in summer. The cooling herb can be consumed in several ways. You can make mint chutney or mix some leaves with lemonade or tea. Mint leaves cool the body instantly. They also help the body fight free radicals. Mint has a chemical referred to as menthol that tricks the brain to think that the area in contact with the menthol is cooler, even though the temperature is the same. Menthol binds to cold-sensitive receptors on the skin. Where the brain is concerned, the drink you take with menthol is cold. In addition, mint can be used to treat sunburns since it offers a cooling sensation.

Freeze the sheets

You do not have to purchase specialized sheets to stay cool on summer nights. Simply take the sheets you have, wrap them in a plastic bag, and place them in the freezer a few hours before you sleep. Pull them out and enjoy a cool night. You can also freeze your pillow or pillowcase.

Keeping cool is not all about comfort. Extremely high temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. If the heat is intolerable, it is recommended you stay indoors when you can avoid the direct heat. Pets also need protection from the heat, dehydration, and heat-related disorders.

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