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5 Simply Ways To Get A Healthier Smile

It seems like almost everyone is talking about getting a whiter smile. From famous celebrities to local health experts, the benefits of having a healthy smile are plenty.

The health conditions of your mouth are importanrt, your mouth conditions are connected to many other health issues. If you have a poor oral health routine it can affect your entire health. There are easy ways to get a healthier smile, these tips can help.

Baby Blues

If you are pregnant, you body could be producing more estrogen and hormones. This can affect your saliva flow and oral health. It is wise to visit your dentist and they will be able to help treat tender gums and puffy tissue, which can help avoid infection.

Flossing is vey important to protect your teeth and gums because it will help prevent serious gum infections and periodontics disease. If you are pregnant this can lead to low birth weight in babies.

Stroke Your Teeth

Most adults do not brush their teeth long enough. And many adults never floss. This can lead to a many health issues, starting with bad breath. To brush your teeth properly you want to us rounded nylon bristles and brush in a circular motion for at least 3 minutes. When you brush on the gums, you want to angel your brush at a 45-degree angel. This will help get into the corners and cracks to remove bacteria build up.


For many adults and even children, flossing can hurt your gums and the bleeding happens rather fast. This is because the gums and teeth are not use to the floss. The dental experts suggest the more you do it the less painful it is.

Clear Your Fear

Many people are fearful of the dentist. They worry about their safety and many times fears from the past will play out in the present. This makes it difficult to enjoy visiting the dentist. The best thing to do to calm your nerves is to talk with your dental expert before you visit. Tell them your concerns and they will help make it your next visit more enjoyable.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

Many people throughout the day will have a solid mass of bacteria build up in their mouth. Most people do not even realize this is happening. This can cause bad breath and even giniervites if not cared for. To remove bacteria build up and food particles you can drink more water and chew sugar free gum. This can help increase salvia flow in the mouth and push unwanted bacteria away.

Practicing good healthy habits is important for a healthy life. Your smile is important and it will make difference in how the world perceives you. When you take care of yourself, it becomes easier for you to smile, and people who smile often are happier. Taking good care of your healthy starts with what you put in your mouth. Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water will help you smile more and feel happy.

Shannon Kaiser is health writer who has straight healthy teeth. She interviews the dentist in Portland OR, at Mountainside Dentistry for health tips.

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