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5 Skills You Can Teach Your Kids in Quarantine

By now, most people around the world have accepted that life as we know it is not returning to normal anytime soon as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. You can make the most out of this time at home by teaching your kids a variety of life skills. Here are five practical things that you can teach your kids while in quarantine.

Cooking Skills

Now is the perfect time to teach your kids their way around the kitchen. You can involve your children in the entire process, including meal planning. To make it more fun and even educational, you may consider assigning a theme to each night. For example, show your child how to research the culture and food of Italy before making an Italian feast. Or try letting each child take turns planning the menu and assigning tasks in the kitchen. By encouraging your children to take ownership of the cooking process, you will be instilling in them a wealth of knowledge and skills. You can also use this time together in the kitchen to teach your children about good nutrition and how to best nourish their bodies in healthy ways. As a bonus, cooking together as a family is an exceptional bonding activity.

Vehicle Maintenance Skills

Older children will welcome the chance to learn more about vehicle maintenance during this downtime. You can start with teaching your child how to learn how to change the oil in your vehicle. Using oil change stickers will help your children to easily keep track of when the next change should happen. You should also make sure that your new driver knows how to change a flat tire. While you are looking at the tires, be sure to teach them how to properly check the pressure. Other maintenance tasks to teach include changing out the windshield wiper blades and checking various fluid levels in the vehicle.

Housekeeping Skills

With everyone home all of the time, this is a great time to get your children involved in the housekeeping and maintenance of your home. Choose age-appropriate tasks that will challenge your child without overwhelming them. By making everyone feel part of a team, they will be more likely to participate without complaining. Older children can be taught skills such as laundry and ironing, preparing them for when they leave the home and are on their own.

Budgeting and Finance Skills

It is never too early to teach your child basic financial responsibility. You can use this time to involve your children in your own household finances, explaining to them the various line items in your budget. If you are doing your grocery shopping online during this crisis, you can sit down with your child while you order the food and let them help in allocating the funds. This will teach them how to stretch their grocery dollar. You can customize this lesson depending on the age and maturity level of your child. The key is to make it relevant to them so that they understand the value of a dollar.

Time Management

Despite having so much extra time on your hands, children still need to learn how to properly manage it so that they do not waste the entire day. This is especially important for school-age children who may be balancing the demands of various online classes. You can support this time management skill acquisition by helping your child to devise a daily schedule. In addition to time allocated for online learning and homework, it is important to help your child find time each day for physical activity, rest, personal hygiene, and social interaction. This completely new daily schedule for your child is a great opportunity to teach them how to manage their time and own their own self-imposed deadlines so that they maximize their productivity.

Learning during this time of quarantine does not have to be limited to what they are taking away from their virtual school. As a parent, you can maximize this time at home by teaching your child a variety of lifelong skills that they will take with them well beyond when this health crisis has passed.


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