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5 Steps To Improving Your Relationship With Your In-Laws

Relationships can be a difficult and complicated thing.  There is so much history and so many emotions involved in each one that often things can get out of hand before we even realize it.  None are perhaps as complicated and emotional as the relationship with the in-laws.  Blood runs deep, and it is often hard for in-laws to truly recognize the bond between husband and wife.  Life coaching can often be helpful in improving these relationships.

Try to See Things through Their Eyes

Take a bit to try and understand why there is a problem, or why they perceive there is a problem.  Is there a behavior of yours that they zero in on?  Are they having trouble letting go of their child and letting him or her grow as your spouse? Is there something in the history of the relationship that keeps cropping up?  Zeroing in on the problem is the first step.

Take a Realistic Look at Yourself

Next, look at yourself, realistically.  Why do you perceive there is a problem?  This is a major step in life coaching that often provides great breakthroughs.  Though the entire problem may not be your fault alone, it is unlikely that you play no role in it.  Figure out what you need to work on and work on it.

Realize Their Faults are Theirs Alone

Another major step in life is realizing that you can only change yourself.  If there are faults that your in-laws have that are affecting your relationship, they may be faults you have to live with in order to improve things.  You will have to realize they are their faults, not yours, and determine a way that you will be able to handle them for the sake of the relationship.

Make a Plan

This plan may include changing the way you approach or handle certain situations, or it may be simply sitting down and talking through some things with the in-laws.  Sometimes just getting things out in the open helps, and if nothing else it can provide insight into what the problem truly is.  If a mother does not want to let go of her son, that discovery can lead to making a plan to include her more in what is going on.  Let her know he has a doctor’s appointment.  What can it really hurt?

Take Action

The most important thing that can be carried away from life coaching is taking action.  Put the plan to work, use what you learned in each of the previous steps, and get the relationship back on track.  Even if the only change is in how you handle all of it, that is a change for the better and therefore well worth it. To get more information on how life coaching can help you deal with in-laws, click here.

Faith Stewart writes for life coaching sites like Meredith Haberfeld.

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