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5 Suggestions for Keeping Your Family Car Safe and Clean

5-suggestions-for-keeping-your-family-car-safe-and-cleanIf you’re like most families, you spend a lot of time in your car transporting the kids between home, school, and their various extracurricular activities. Naturally, you want to keep them as safe as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your car is safe and clean at all times. Use these tips to get started.

Install Car Seats Properly

Children are safest in their car seats. Look to height and weight restrictions rather than legal age limits to determine what type of car seat is best for your child and whether or not he or she’s ready to ride without one. It’s a good idea to have your car seat professionally installed or checked by a car seat professional. Local police offices regularly offer car seat checks, so schedule time to take your car in.

Carry Everything Inside

When you finally arrive home at the end of a long day, it’s tempting to just rush in and relax. This is how your car ends up littered with forgotten food, sweatshirts, and other little things that your kids may leave behind. Make sure you take everything with you when you go inside. Remind the kids to take their things as well.

Keep Loose Items to a Minimum

If you were to get into an accident, any loose items in your car become dangerous threats to your life. With enough force, things like books or CDs can even kill. Larger items like skateboards are even more dangerous. Purchase organizers to store all of these loose items to keep your car safe.

Clean It Regularly

If you stay on top of things, it’s easier to keep your car clean. Aside from simply making sure that all garbage goes into the garbage bin and personal items come inside the house, it’s smart to get rid of dust by wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. Dust in the car is potentially more dangerous than dust in the home.

Air It Out

It’s not just your teenagers that are making the car stink. Fumes from your own car and the other cars around you can get into the main part of your car, and you don’t want to breathe those in. Be sure to periodically open your windows to let the air circulate, even if it’s winter. Keep your distance when driving behind diesel trucks.

Keeping your car clean and safe requires a bit of effort on your part, but you’ll be happy you put in the time. Aside from keeping it clean, make sure to visit stores like Arnold Motor Supply to keep a storage of extra fluids and parts you might need in a pinch. You never know when your family could be stalled by a car problem, so it pays to be prepared!

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