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5 Techy Gadgets to Make Sure Your Kids are Safe on the Road

If your son or daughter has recently started driving, you’re likely experiencing several emotions. You may be excited about this milestone in your child’s life while also being concerned for his/her safety. Luckily, there are some gadgets you can purchase for your kids to ensure they’re safe on the road, whether they’re in the driver’s seat, riding with friends, or even in the back seat of the car with you. Here are a few tech devices you may want to consider.

1. Screen-Free Smartphones

If you need to get in touch with your kids while they’re traveling, you may want to install a screen-free smartphone in the car. This eliminates the distraction of a screen while your teen is driving and has a one-touch answer feature so you can carry on a conversation while ensuring your son or daughter is focused on the road.

With this type of smartphone, your teens won’t be able to use the excuse that they couldn’t answer your call while driving, which definitely comes in handy if your child is taking a long trip or heading to an unfamiliar location. You can also purchase a vehicle cell phone booster to ensure that your child will get a strong signal while in the car.

2. Smart Watches

You can also purchase a smartwatch to make it easier to keep up with him/her. Your teen or adolescent can send and receive emails and text messages on the phone and even get information about traffic and weather so he/she can prepare for a safe trip. You can include a GPS feature on the smartwatch as well so you’ll know your child’s whereabouts before you call.

3. Two-Way GPS Tracker

If your children are younger and fascinated with the concept of walkie-talkies, you can purchase a two-way tracker with GPS capabilities. This allows you to talk to your child in real-time and provide a sense of comfort while your little one is traveling to and from school or heading to extracurricular activities. Of course, since the walkie-talkies are also tracking devices, you’ll see where your child is located even if they are too young to provide an address. The location alerts also allow you to go to your child if you think he/she is in danger.

4. Tablet with GPS

Most kids have tablets these days, and you can make sure your child’s favorite device is equipped with the tools you need to keep up with him/her. If your child has a babysitter or attends daycare/preschool while you’re at work, you can pack the tablet in his/her bag so you can determine where your child is at all times. This feature definitely comes in handy for babies and toddlers, but you can also notify your older children that this feature is on their tablets to give them a sense of comfort if they’re traveling without you.

5. Tiny Tracker

If your child is constantly traveling for school or sports activities, you can purchase a tiny tracker to ensure your kids are safe on the road. The tracker can fit on a belt or waistband clip so it’s easy to wear and won’t cause any discomfort. Just remember to charge the device so it’s ready to go in the morning, but keep in mind that the real-time GPS feature does cause the battery to drain quickly. A tiny tracker doesn’t allow for two-way communication but it does notify you of your child’s whereabouts so you can make sure they are heading to the correct destination or playing safely with friends.

These are just some of the devices you can use to ensure your children are safe on the road, regardless of their age. If you have a family cell phone plan, it’s a good idea to add a GPS feature on all family phones. This not only lets you know where your children are but alerts them to your whereabouts so they’ll know to head home or to your place of employment to ensure their safety.

You can find many of these technological devices at your local computer or software store or order them online. Be sure to look at some of the customer reviews before you make your purchase so you’ll know what to expect once you receive your device and how much you should expect to spend.

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