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5 Things Every Mom Needs Around The House To Keep The Kids Going

Being a mom is hard, for many reasons. You’re the caregiver, the homemaker, Beyond the basic first aid, there are a few useful items moms should keep on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly. When it comes to keeping the family up and running, moms need a survival kit. From sanity-savers to muscle-relievers, here’s a few things mom needs to maintain her superhero status:

1. Snacks

The power of a good snack should never be underestimated. When blood sugar drops and tears start forming, it’s great to have some granola bars on hand. Keep a variety of snack options on hand for those “mommy-I-don’t-like-that-anymore” moments. A few healthy choices are nuts, dried fruit, or popcorn.

2. Many Kinds of Tape

Any mom knows that if it can break, it will break. Luckily, tape can fix almost everything. Having tape on hand for a quick fix can prevent catastrophe. You’ll need a collection of different tapes to add to your survival kit: clear tape, duct tape, electrical tape, etc. Most moms are probably thinking there are things tape can’t fix, like the lower-back pain from constantly lifting a tiny human, but there’s even a tape for that! Easy to use kinesiology tape can provide relief for your aching back or strained shoulders, and it’s something that should be essential to your toolkit. Yes, that’s right: you can tape your aching body back together with kinesiology tape. After all, everyone knows it’s mom who keeps the kids going, so take care of yourself!

3. Baby Wipes

You may have thought the days of wipes were gone with the diapers. Sadly, this is false. Once baby wipes have entered your life, it’s hard to make these suckers leave. Baby wipes are great for quick clean ups on the go. Make sure you always have a pack within reach.

4. Extra phone chargers

It’s easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle of mommy life. Keep an extra phone charger in your purse and another one in your car. You never know who will be trying to contact you when your phone is dead, and, let’s face it, they probably can’t leave a voicemail because your inbox is likely full. Who has time to check voicemail, anyway?


You never know when a little bribery might be in order. Next time you’re at the store sans children, pick up a few inexpensive toys or coloring books to have on hand when the need arises. You’ll have your children cleaning their rooms and eating their vegetables in no time.

If you keep these things on hand, life will be a little easier. Don’t forget to pick up the kinesiology tape for yourself. It’s easy to use, and the last thing your precious bundles of joy

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