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5 Things Family Members Should Know if the Worst Happens to a Loved One on The Job

Even jobs that aren’t known for an element of danger can still be scenes of tragic accidents. Whether your loved one has an office job or is out in the field working around high-power lines, it’s important to know what to expect if the worst happens and they are killed on the job. This isn’t something people like to consider, but being prepared can make this difficult time a little easier.

Worker’s Compensation Covers the Funeral

Worker’s Compensation insurance includes funeral expenses for workers who are killed while on the job. This doesn’t apply to someone who has a heart attack at work, but it does apply to other accidents that occur while on a job site. The funeral director can provide you with more information regarding the exact amount of benefits, and they can bill the services directly to Worker’s Compensation.

The Children are Covered

If the deceased has minor children and a spouse, then there are insurance policies to help care for these dependents. The Social Security death benefit is very low, but there is also a monthly payment for a spouse caring for minor children and for the dependent children. If the accident was the fault of the employer or another employee, then there may also be weekly payments from Worker’s Compensation.

Prepare for an Autopsy

In many cases, there will be an autopsy to confirm cause of death and gather more information. This can delay the funeral and burial as you’ll have to wait for the remains to be autopsied and then transferred to the mortician of your choosing. The information from the autopsy will generally be shared with you. Worker’s Compensation may require drug testing as part of their information gathering. If drugs are present in the body, then any insurance claims and payments may be disputed by Worker’s Compensation.

There are Other Avenues

In the event that the accident was caused by someone’s negligence, you can go through the courts to request compensation. Worker’s Compensation and Social Security don’t pay as much as your loved one earned, and those funds will expire as dependent children turn 18. However, you may have legal recourse to receive more compensation to help cover lost future wages as well as pain and suffering.

Attorneys can Help

An attorney that deals with Wrongful Death in Richmond says that the process might not go smoothly and your family might need an attorney to navigate them through things. Worker’s Compensation insurance and Social Security will merge to ensure that the future needs of dependents are met. However, again it does not always run this smoothly. There may be delays, allegations of wrong-doing on the part of the deceased, and a refusal to pay any death benefits. In the case of an accident due to negligence, you may want more than what these agencies can offer you. A wrongful death attorney can help you review the information and consider the various options.

Nobody wants to receive that call that a loved one has been killed on the job. While this is more likely in some fields, the fact is that tragic accidents can happen anywhere. Knowing what to expect can take some of the stress out of this time and help you make informed decisions.

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