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5 Things You Need to Start Planning Now for Your Christmas Cards This Year

With Christmas still several months away, it’s a great time to start planning for all the small details that can make the Christmas season so hectic. One such detail that often gets overlooked until the last minute is your family’s annual Christmas card. If you can assemble what you need now, you won’t have to battle other procrastinators when the calendar flips over to December. To help you find success in your efforts, here are five things you need to start planning now for your Christmas cards.


If you plan to use a picture of your family on your Christmas card, then you need to decide what everyone will wear. If you plan on waiting until closer to Christmas to have the picture taken, it’s probably best to wait until then to buy the outfits, especially if you have fast-growing children. Even if you don’t have the outfits in hand, though, you can still plan what everyone will wear so you can hit the “purchase” button when the time is right.


Another choice you’ll need to make if you’re using a picture is where that picture will be taken. While there’s nothing like an outdoor location, going this route will limit when you can take the picture, at least if you want a seasonal scene. If you opt to take the picture indoors, you can dress it up with some Christmas decor and take the picture pretty much whenever you please.


The overall design of your Christmas card will be one of the first things that people notice when they receive your card. It’s important, then, to dress up your card with unique and beautiful elements that will capture people’s attention. By using a Christmas SVG, you can make your Christmas card come alive with cutouts that help your card stand out from the rest.


Sending mail of any kind during the holidays can be a major endeavor. Since you want your Christmas cards to arrive on time, it’s important that you prepare in advance so that you can drop them in the mailbox as soon as the time is right. By addressing envelopes and adhering stamps to the envelopes, all you’ll have to do is insert the Christmas cards and send them on their way.

Personal Note

To help make a more personal connection with your friends and family, you may want to include a personalized note with each card. Writing these notes can be tedious, especially when you’re already under a lot of stress from other demands of the holiday season. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get these notes written now so that they are truly heartfelt instead of sounding rushed.

Sending Christmas cards is a timeless tradition that is beloved by many. Rather than sending a card that will simply be thrown away at the end of the season, though, it’s important to make your card one that will be kept by the recipients all through the year. By making the preparations listed above, you will create a keepsake that people will be proud to display on their refrigerators long after Christmas is over.

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