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5 Tips for Avoiding Stress around a Winter Move

Most people look forward to the holidays, but they can be hectic in terms of purchasing and preparation. When you add to this the expense and burden of a wintertime move, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you minimize the stress of a holiday or wintertime move.

Make Lists and Set a Budget

The first step is to make a realistic list of what you need to do to make your holiday enjoyable and your move safe and effective. You should being willing to make compromises. A typical American family spends about $830 on Christmas gifts, not to mention decorations, food, and more. Don’t feel pressured to spend your money on others and leave a tight budget for the move.

Get the New Place Ready

Schedule utilities to be turned on at the new place a few days before the scheduled move. You’ll want to have lights and warmth for the move and the hours of unpacking and setting things up that follow. A cold, dark environment will only make things worse, and could even lead to illness if you wind up breaking a sweat and sitting in a chilly room.

Mind the Weather

Once you have a moving company like Payless Self Storage lined up, keep track of the weather reports as moving day comes. If it turns out to be freezing cold on that day, or snowstorms are expected, you’ll want to be ready. Be sure that driveways and walkways are clear of ice and snow at both your current and next residence before the actual move takes place. You don’t want to run the risk of slips and falls. Take along a large bucket of sand just in case.

Protect inside Areas

Melting snow can also be tracked into your new or old home from outside, leading to slippery surfaces. Take a long a good supply of cardboard sheets, old blankets, canvas painter’s drop cloths, or something similar to absorb any moisture that could cause poor footing on hard floors. Remember to bring a mop or some rags with you to help in the cleanup of any moisture.

Get Help

The best way to reduce the stress of a holiday move is not to try and take on all the responsibility yourself. Have your spouse or partner help, or ask family and friends. Even in the winter, you can make a moving experience much more fun. Plan treats, a trip to a restaurant, or some take-out food at the new place when the move is complete. You might also want to have some hot coffee or cocoa prepared to help everyone warm up and relax.

Even for the calmest types of personality, a holiday move can mean double the stress and confusion. If you have to, give yourself some alone time to unwind.

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