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5 Tips for Getting the Best Value at a Buffet

Food can be many things, but to most people, it’s a means of sustenance, indulgence and social bonding. For all of these things, there’s no better place than a buffet. Furthermore, buffets can also be a great way to feed a group for relatively little money. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, your dining experience can be less cost-effective than you’d expected. Here are five tips for getting the best value at a buffet.

Go For The Lunch

Unless you’re hoping steak, crab legs or even special seasonal delights, consider visiting a buffet when lunch is being served. In many cases, the prices will be a few dollars cheaper.

Children Eat for Free

Not all buffets let kids eat for free, but many do. If you have several children in tow, you can save a small fortune by choosing the buffets that offer this option. However, be aware that most buffets with this policy may only have it on certain days of the week.

Pace Yourself

There’s a sumptuous smorgasbord of tempting treats laid before you, and it can be challenging to keep from heaping some of everything onto your plate. However, keep in mind that it’s a meal, not a race. Take your time picking out the things you really want to eat. Furthermore, eat slowly. This gives your stomach time to adjust to the amount of food you’re eating, which helps you get your money’s worth.

Choose Dessert Wisely

Dessert is arguably the best part of any buffet, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When picking out a dessert, remember that you don’t have to make a choice right away. Instead, swing by the dessert bar and see what’s on offer, then go back to your table and think about it for a few minutes. Many buffets offer special desserts through the year on certain days. The buffet at Viejas in San Diego offers a “Chocolate Surprise” dessert menu during limited times of the year just for chocolate lovers.

Steer Clear of Filler-Uppers

Buffets put the most filling foods within immediate view in hopes that you’ll get full on the cheapest things first. These include things like rolls, pasta dishes, pizza and potatoes. Do yourself a favor and avoid these, opting instead for things like seafood, poultry and meat. This ensures that you get the most valuable food for your money.

Between the delicious food and relatively low cost, everybody loves a good buffet. However, it’s important to make your choices wisely. By remembering these strategic tips during your next visit, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value.

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