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5 Tips For Keeping Your Children Safe On The Road

Driving is probably the most dangerous activity we participate in every day. Our children are at greater risk of being in a car accident than just about anything else. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the lifetime odds of dying in a car accident are 1:606. The odds of being kidnapped are estimated to be about 1:300,000. If you would never let your child play outside alone, then you certainly should make sure you follow these five tips for keeping your child safe on the road.

Choose The Right Car Seat

If you want to know if a car seat is right for your child before you buy it, read the reviews at Car Seats for the Littles. They have tested nearly every seat on the market and can help you know if the seat will work for your child in your vehicle. This is a great way to find out how safe and secure certain car seats are. That way you can make sure that you get the safest and most comfortable car seat for your kids.

Install The Car Seat Properly

Even if you choose a great seat, it is worthless if the installation is not done correctly. Find a Child Passenger Safety Technician in your area to teach you how to do it properly. There are tons of professionals out there that can help you make sure that your car seat is installed properly and safely. All you have to do is take the time to find one in your area.

Use The Car Seat Properly

The straps on a car seat should be loose enough to not hurt the child but also not be so loose that you can pinch the strap between your fingers. If you can do that, then the straps need to be snugger. Also, make sure the chest clip is even with the child’s armpits. Any lower or higher and they could suffer unnecessary injury in an accident.

Keep Them Out Of The Front Seat

Most states’ laws do not allow children younger than 10 to sit in the front seat. This is because they are still too small for the regular shoulder belt, too small to be protected by the passenger side airbag, and their skeletal and muscular systems are not developed enough to handle the impact of an accident. That is why it is essential for you to always have your kids sit in the back. This is one of the best ways to ensure their safety.

Stay Off Your Cell Phone

While state laws may not have caught up, it is common sense to remain as undistracted as possible while driving. Text messages and snaps can wait. If you must communicate with someone on your cell phone, pull over at a safe place and handle the call before you get back on the road.

Keeping our children safe on the road should be our highest priority. Luckily, companies like T. Luckey and Sons work hard to make that happen and keep our streets safe and up to date. If you want to make sure to keep your kids as safe as possible just make sure that you are driving on nice paved roads and follow all road signs. It is also essential for you to make sure to get the best possible car seat for your kids. When it comes to family safety is first.

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