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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe for Your Kids in the Spring

As winter gives way to spring, there are likely to be some serious changes around your home. With the warmer weather comes the desire to get outside and that perennial urge to give your house a deep clean. But if you have children, there is one thing that should remain at the top of your priority list: keeping the kids out of harm’s way. Here are five tips for making your home a safe place for your children this spring.

Keep Cleaning Products Out of Reach

With the longer days and the mercury on the thermometers slowly creeping up, we all sense it’s time for the fabled “spring cleaning.” but while you scrub, brush, and polish, don’t forget that many of the products you are using can be very dangerous for your children. The best solution is to keep cleaning products stashed out of reach, and never leave a bottle alone while you are cleaning.

Watch Out for Harmful Bugs

With the warmer weather comes an onslaught of creepy, crawly critters. While many insects are harmless, others pose serious risks, especially to your young children. Watch out for colonies of wasps or ants. Be sure to call pest control if you find something too serious for you to handle. Also, dump out any standing water before mosquitoes can breed there.

Have Sanitation in Mind

The nicer weather means the neighborhood kids will be out and about playing, stretching those legs that were cooped up all winter. This is a good thing, but it puts your children in constant contact with the germs of others. As a precaution against infectious disease, double your efforts to scrub down door handles, tabletops, and other surfaces that could harbor germs.

Keep Upstairs Windows Closed

Any parent’s worst nightmare is their child falling out of an open window. If your children are young enough to fall through, your best option is to keep those upstairs windows closed, no matter the warmth in the springtime air.

Watch Children at Play

Independence is important for children, but so is safety. Give your child some leeway to discover the world around them, but all while keeping an eye on them. It’s your job to make sure they’re not putting themselves in danger.

Spring is a special time of rebirth and renewal, but it can also contain unforeseen perils for your children. Follow these tips to keep your kids safe.

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