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5 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

5-tips-for-storing-holiday-decorationsChristmas lights and ornaments are beautiful to display, but they are a pain to put away. The wires of the lights get tangled up very easily, and a few glass ornaments always seem to get broken. Part of the problem has to do with the inefficient storage methods that are often used for decorations. Luckily, there are some inexpensive solutions that can make the process easier though.

Cardboard Tubes

Save all of the cardboard tubes that your gift wrapping paper and paper towels come on. Then, when it is time to take the lights down, wrap the strings of lights around them. Put one string of lights on each tube. Don’t try to overload the tubes because this will make them get tangled up. You can also fold down and tape the ends of the tubes, so you can store small ornaments inside of them.

Egg Cartons

Set glass bulbs inside of egg cartons that have been cleaned and dried. Then, tape the egg cartons shut. Try to organize your Christmas bulbs according to size, shape, and color in the cartons. That way, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in the next coming Christmas season.

Shoe Boxes

Larger ornaments and Christmas trinkets can be put in shoe boxes to keep them from being damaged. Just be sure to pack them in tissue paper that is leftover from gifts. It will act as cushioning to prevent them from getting broken. Tape the boxes shut afterwards, so the items won’t fall out.

Wardrobe Bags

The plastic wardrobe bags that dry-cleaners put on clothing can be repurposed for protecting wreaths. Slip each of your Christmas wreath over the top of a sturdy clothes hanger, then pull the wardrobe bags down over them. Hang them up on a metal bar for easy access to them.

Garbage Bags

Once you remove all of the decorations from your tree, don’t take it apart. Cover the entire tree with garbage bags that have been cut across the bottom. Slip them over the tree one by one, then tape them in place before you take your tree to a storage facility like Self Storage 2000 for the year. This will keep it from being damaged and prevent dust from getting on it.

Feel free to adapt these storage methods to items that you already have around the house. Many containers can be repurposed to hold your Christmas decorations, so use what you already have. Just be sure to write the contents on the boxes of things before you put them away.

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