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5 Unique Gifts to Appease Your Mother in Law

You might end up upsetting your mother-in-law or doing something to offend her. Even if you haven’t made her angry and just want to do something nice for her, there’s nothing wrong with getting your mother-in-law a gift.

Consider these five unique gift ideas to help your mother-in-law feel appreciated and to get in her good graces. They can help you to build upon your relationship with her and to show her that you do care about her.

Personalized Photo Albums

Since you can talk with your spouse, you could easily get pictures of your mother-in-law at different points in her life. Work with your spouse to pick pictures that will go well together and that your mother-in-law likes. After all, if you just randomly picked photos from social media, you might end up picking some non-flattering photos.

From here, get a photo album and add the photos in an order of your choice. Spend some time adding custom messages or decorations to improve the photo album. Give it some personality and add things that she would enjoy. This will show spent time on the album, which could help you to appease her and make her feel happy.

Handmade Gifts

Many people overlook the power of handmade gifts. While they may seem simple, it takes more care, dedication and time to create a gift on your own than to buy one. Don’t go with a homemade card or something easy to create: spend some time looking at handmade gifts online so that you can find one that your mother-in-law would appreciate.

For example, if your mother-in-law likes wooden furniture, consider making her a handmade desk, table or drawer. Think about what she would like and do some research online. This way, you can give her something that she will enjoy that’s also completely unique.


Many people love paintings, but they don’t always think to buy one. Making a painting on your own can be near impossible for someone without artistic skill, so there’s nothing wrong with buying one. Look at different paintings online and also consider paintings in her house to see which ones would appeal to her.

For example, if your mother-in-law likes flowers, then consider buying her a floral oil painting. If she likes mountain ranges, then buy an oil painting that has a nice landscape. Keep her preferences in mind so that she will want to hang the painting in her house.

Home Cooked Dinner

Even if you aren’t the best cook, a home cooked meal goes a long way. It shows that you put some time and effort into making something that your mother-in-law might enjoy. The fancier you can make the meal, the better. You can either invite her over for the meal or bring her a plate.

Pick a food that you know she enjoys. Also, make sure that you consider making some dessert so that your home cooked dinner shows an extra layer of care. Spend some time on the meal, get it just right and give it to your mother-in-law.

Homemade Coupon Book

Finally, think about making her a homemade coupon book. This will give her a variety of vouchers that she can use. To give you a few suggestions, you could include mowing the lawn, doing the dishes for her and cleaning the house. You can include a bunch of different options and chores.

Spend some time thinking of different coupons that you could give her. Even something as simple as driving her somewhere or picking up her groceries could mean a lot to her. Think of different kinds of acts that she would like and that you know would make her day better.

You may have some rough times with your mother-in-law, but you should always try to maintain a good relationship. This is the mother of your spouse, so you should show them respect and kindness. As you try to give your mother-in-law a unique gift, you can continue to build upon that relationship and help to fix problems. Continue to find ways to show her that you are now family and that you want to treat her as such.

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