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5 Unique Hobbies to Do with Your Kids

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As kids get older, bonding with them can become challenging. Your sweet little son or daughter who wanted to spend every waking moment with you may prefer the company of his/her friends during adolescence or teenage years. Finding worthwhile hobbies that interest you and your kids when they are young can strengthen your bond as your children age and make it easy to spend quality time together. Here are five unique hobbies to consider.

Coin Collecting

This may sound like a hobby reserved for older people but collecting coins with your kids can be interesting and engaging. You can even get your own coin collecting supplies like albums, holders and coins from national parks make it easy to start your coin collection. You can add coins from different states and collect coins each time you visit a new place to preserve the memory of family vacations. A coin collection is also a wonderful way to reinforce geography lessons. You can even have your children write messages on the pages of the coin album and label the coins with a short description to turn the collection into a treasured family heirloom.

Comic Book Collecting

If you’ve been trying to get your kids excited about reading, you can start a comic book collection with them. Allow your children to select comic books featuring their favorite characters. Search vintage bookstores in your area with your children to find comic books published decades ago and add these to your collection. Protective pages, bins and display systems can make the comic book collection more appealing. The longer you and your children purchase books and keep them intact the more valuable the collection will be. You can even take the books with you to conventions and have them signed by popular comic book characters. Visiting conventions with comic books creates another memory for you and your kids to cherish.

Cooking Class

One of the most effective ways to get your kids to try new foods is to let them make the food themselves. Signing up for a cooking class allows your children to prepare their own side dishes or meals while you get great ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You and your kids can use the skills you learn in cooking class to prepare impressive family meals for weeknights or special occasions. The more you cook together, the more likely it is that you and your children will come up with new recipes that will soon become family favorites.


After you’ve taken a family cooking class, you may be inspired to start gardening as a hobby. Your kids will feel a sense of accomplishment from growing their own food. You can use gardening as a way to strengthen your relationship with your children while teaching them the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Growing a flower garden is another great way to bond. Each child can grow a different flower type, and you can take pictures of each plant’s progress to add to your family photo album. You can also grow a large plant or tree with your children and take pictures with them by the plant each year to show how everyone has grown.


Photography is another enjoyable hobby you can pursue with your kids. Taking photos allows you and your children to be creative while capturing special family moments. You can take pictures of stunning landmarks each time you go on vacation or practice taking photos of local trees and flowers in various lighting. Once you and your kids learn certain photography techniques, you can take candid photos of each other and gather the family for formal, casual or costume-themed photo shoots. When you place the photos in an album, you can encourage your children to write a short description of the photo to further customize the photo album.

Even though your kids may explore other interests as they get older, the hobbies you engage in with them when they are younger can help you maintain a connection with them as they grow. Collecting valuable items that indicate your son or daughter’s interests can make it easier for you to spend quality time with the people you love the most.

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