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5 Ways Divorced Parents Can Maximize Their Presence in Their Kids’ Lives

Divorce is always tough. No matter the reason a marriage is ending, there is bound to be some heartache and resentment on either side. And if there are children involved, it can be especially painful. Fortunately, there are ways that you as a parent can keep yourself in your child’s life. See below for some simple, yet very effective ways that you can make sure you stay present.


There’s nothing better than a weekend away with your child to let them know how important they are to you. Try to find a place that would interest them, like camping if they like the outdoors, or a beach or waterpark if they enjoy the water. Just make sure that they know that it’s a special trip for you and them.


It should probably be a given, but always make sure you that you do not forget birthdays. A forgotten birthday can be a crushing blow to a child who is coping with a divorce. If you are unable to see your child on their birthday for whatever reason, make sure you call or video them. Let them see and hear you care.


If your child is involved in sports, you need to get involved in sports too. Even if you aren’t into that particular sport, you need to show up for games, take them to practices, give any advice you can. They need to know that you are interested in what they are interested in. It’s also a perfect chance (or even excuse) to see your kid if arranging visitation is a hassle.


You should also get to know their hobbies. Even if it is not something that interests you or you are not knowledgeable of, you need to show your enthusiasm for their hobbies and always encourage them to follow through. You may not be able to understand their science experiments, but you can surely listen to them explain the process to you.

Child Support

As difficult as it may be at times to pay, your child has needs that need to be met. Staying current on your child support helps with that. Your child will be taken care of and you will be able to see to it that they grow up happy and healthy, knowing that they are important to you.

Home Base

Try to keep your home base as close to your child as possible. This will make arranging to see them that much easier for both you and also your ex. Don’t leave any room for excuses about why you cannot easily see your child.

Children need to know that they can count on both of their parents at all times. The above simple steps can help you to ensure that they realize this. If you have the time for it, be sure to check out ways that you can spend more family time together in a special setting, like river rafting. Involve other relatives like an aunt or grandma to help create a feeling of family all together for them to help recover the shock of divorce.


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