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5 Ways New Home Security Features Help Make Parenting Easier

Modern home security has many benefits that can make your life easier and improve the safety of your family and home. Some of these also have added benefits for parenting that can make a life for your family simpler and more convenient. Whether you are interested in making your children safer or easier to look after here are five ways new home security can help.


Cameras are a great addition to your home for a number of reasons. As well as being able to watch out for any intruders and add to your house’s protection they can also aid in your parenting. Kids can be difficult to watch with only one set of eyes, but with cameras, you’ll have as many eyes as you need. With new and modern smart cameras, you can link them directly to your phone. This means that no matter where you are you can watch your home and see what is going on. If you are cooking dinner and want to see what the kids are doing upstairs, you just need to glance at your phone. It will also work when you’re away from the house. Whether your kids are left with a babysitter or they are on their own you will be able to see everything. So, no more throwing parties while Mom and Dad are away.

Smart Locks

Having a smart lock is the best way to bring your home into the modern world. Smart locks, like those listed on, set out to provide extra home security with keyless codes, smartphone remote control and convenient smart tech functions to keep your humble abode safe and sound. It means that you won’t have to worry about your kids losing their key to the house again or getting themselves locked out. All it will take is one embarrassing message to you and you can open the door for them through your smartphone. Or, if you are a trusting parent, you can give them the code to the door so they will never have to worry about keys.

Smart Doorbells

Another innovation for your home security and comfort is the smart doorbell. Rather than your classic doorbell, this option uses smart technology to bring countless benefits. Using an in-built camera and microphone this doorbell will video call your phone whenever someone rings it. This means whether you’re on the couch or out and about you can see and screen any potential visitors. After asking who they are and why they are there you can choose to remotely open the door for them or keep them locked out. As well as all the safety benefits, this is a great way to keep an eye on who is visiting your children. All parents have wanted the ability to lock out an annoying friend of their child at some point.

Smart Lights

While they are generally used for security and convenience reasons smart lights can be great for parenting as well. Parents want to save on electricity bills more than their children do, so having the control of the lights all over the house in your hand is very useful. There are lots of brands to choose from, including the ones from this list on If your child forgot to turn the lights off, then you can. And if it’s past bedtime and the kids still aren’t going to sleep, you can stay warm and cozy in your bed and turn off their bedroom lights to let them know it’s time for sleep.

Smart Smoke Detectors

A good smoke detector is a must for any home, and now you can be safer and better prepared than ever with a smart smoke detector. These have a lot of added benefits such as built-in carbon monoxide detectors and the ability to have alerts sent immediately to your phone or to the emergency services any time a danger is detected. You also have the ability to silence the alarm immediately if it is a false alarm. That’s always a useful feature if your kids decide to try cooking for themselves.

Innovations in home security and smart technology are perfect for parenting and taking care of your family. There are many benefits that will make your family’s life better, safer, and more convenient.

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