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5 Ways to Enjoy The Nature Around You This Spring

As winter turns to spring and each day feels warmer than the one before it, we all get an overwhelming urge to head outside and enjoy the blossoming nature. And luckily for any nature lover, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy. From the mountains to the oceans, forests to the streams, there are plenty of options for springtime fun. Here are five especially fun activities that will get you off the couch and out among nature this spring.


During winter, you might have spent the evenings with the heat at full blast and the blankets piled one on top of the other. But as the nights become warmer, you will find your windows left open with that fresh, springtime air calling your name. This probably means it is time for you to go camping.

If you have a tent stashed in the shed, air it out now and get it ready for the first camping trip of the year. If you have no camping supplies, don’t worry. You can find ways to rent camping gear like sleeping bags, tents, tarps, and all the rest. By taking advantage of such services, you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about what kind of items you will need.

The best thing about camping is that it provides the basis for many other wonderful outdoor activities. Sure, you’re camping, but while doing that you can partake in any of the other activities listed below.


Almost anywhere in the country, you will find a number of hiking options. Whatever your level of physical fitness, you will almost certainly find a trail that is appropriate for you. And whether its mountains, oceans, streams, or lakes that particularly call your attention, you can find a hiking area that matches your interests.

Hiking is not just fun; it is also incredibly good for you. Medical experts have discovered that a good walk out in nature has benefits for the body and the mind. Walking, especially with inclines or more difficult stretches of trail, provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. But beyond that, walking in nature also serves as a type of meditation, helping remove stress and improve mental well being.


There is a reason why sport fishing remains one of the most popular outdoor activities nationwide. As the saying goes, a bad day at fishing beats a good day at work. This phrase really does capture the essence of the activity. It is a goal-based endeavor, and yet failure does not mean the experience wasn’t a success. The best case scenario is that you catch what you are targeting, and the worst case scenario is that you spend a day out on the water enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. It is the epitome of a win-win situation. And if you’re lucky and catch something you’re legally allowed to keep, you might even wind up with dinner.


A quiet, serious, and beautiful sport, hunting offers a uniquely intimate connection with nature. There are of course many different types of hunting. People can hunt with shotguns, rifles, or bows, and target animals as different as deer and quail. But whatever the query or the method, hunting is guaranteed to provide an interesting experience out in nature. Be sure to do your research regarding licenses and permits, and always take firearm safety seriously.


For a more mellow outdoor experience, head right outside your door and get down and dirty in your garden. Have you always wanted to beautify your outdoor space? Then investigate what types of flowers can grow in your area and plant the garden of your dreams. Have you also wished you could get fresh vegetables without making a run to the store? Then try out your green thumb with green beans, lettuce, or other easy greens. Whatever you do, it will take you outside where the birds will be singing and the bees will be buzzing around you.

The long winter months can be agonizing, with the walls of our homes seeming to close in around us with each passing day. But as the plants turn green and the buds form on the trees, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the spring.

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