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5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Family All Through the Year

Having fun with your loved ones is a great way to bond and enjoy each other’s company. No matter which month or season, there are plenty of recreational activities you can share. Here are a few ideas to keep everyone in the family smiling year-round.

Summer Swimming

Pack up the picnic baskets and head off to a local swim park for a lazy afternoon of water excitement. Better yet, to avoid the crowds, have your own above-ground or in-ground pool installed at home for use anytime the weather permits. Contact professional installers and gunite pool builders to start planning your summer pool fun.

Autumn Hikes

Check out the local regional and state parks where you can go hiking or even camping when the leaves begin to change colors. Your family will love the autumn hues and crisp breezes while hiking through nature’s glory on a beautiful autumn day. Pack a snack or hot cocoa in a thermos for a refreshing break while getting healthy exercise in a gorgeous natural environment.

Snow Creature Competition

Collect old clothes and funny décor for the next snowy day when you can hold a snow figure competition. Have everyone in the family create their own snow person or snow animal, with the most unique or unusual design, as determined by a vote, winning a prize to be shared with the other family members of fresh-baked cookies or popcorn with a new video release at home.

Holiday Celebrations

Organize a special holiday gathering for extended family or friends where everyone in the family helps to choose the decorations and select the menu to be served. The kids might want to suggest desserts while teens recommend appetizers. Parents can vie for the opportunity of choosing the entrée or main items for a brunch or dinner. The decorations can be bought or homemade for whichever holiday everyone agrees they would like to celebrate as a family with everyone adding his or her unique contribution.

Springtime Day Trip

Parents can plan a surprise one-day getaway for the family as the weather begins to warm up and spring flowers start to bloom. Tell the kids one thing to bring without telling them where the family is headed. The mystery will deepen their interest and increase the fun for everyone. Try to include a meaningful point of interest as a reference point to make the trip even more interesting.

It doesn’t take much to plan family events that give everyone a break from their regular routine while having fun together. Start thinking about the year ahead to share some seasonal good times with your loved ones.

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