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5 Ways to Help Your Wife Have a Smooth Pregnancy

If you and your wife are expecting a child, you deserve to be congratulated. Now that you’re about to become a father, you may be wondering how you can help the love of your life to have the best possible pregnancy. This is a worthy goal. In fact, studies have shown that an expectant father being involved and attentive during pregnancy can actually benefit the health of both the expectant mother and the child in her womb. Here are some practical tips for helping your wife to enjoy a smooth pregnancy.

1. Accompany Her to Obstetrician Visits

Going along with your wife to her obstetrician visits is a great way to show her support throughout her pregnancy. Though your work schedule or other pressing obligations may sometimes interfere with your ability to go to every visit, your wife will greatly appreciate it when you make an effort to come to at least some of her pregnancy check-ups. You can help her to remember questions or concerns she may have shared with you that she can ask the doctor about while she’s at her appointment, or ask questions of your own. You’ll also be there to hear any special instructions the doctor gives to her. Should any complications arise, you’ll be there to give your wife the love and encouragement she needs right at the moment she finds out about them.

2. Respond Appropriately to Her Hormonal Changes

During the course of pregnancy and beyond, your wife will be going through many hormonal changes. These can impact her mood, her energy level, and her outlook on life in general. When you notice her starting to act irritable or sensitive, try to show an extra measure of understanding. Instead of arguing with her, ask her how you could help her to feel better. Give her a shoulder to cry on if she feels overwhelmed. Try to remain as calm and steady as possible as her body goes through all of these new changes.

3. Help Her with Errands and Chores

As the baby grows within your wife’s womb it’s normal for her to feel unusually tired and sometimes uncomfortable. It may not be safe, especially if she’s experiencing any complications, for her to do chores that involve heavy lifting or extreme exertion. Taking over certain jobs for her, such as yard work or lifting large loads of laundry, is a great way to lighten her load and ease her mind. If she’s experiencing nausea and food aversions you could offer to do some of the cooking and grocery shopping. Each woman’s pregnancy is unique, so speak to your wife about the ways you could be most helpful to her when it comes to chores and errands.

4. Give Her a Massage

Many women experience aches and pains throughout pregnancy. Whether your expectant wife is suffering from a sore back, legs, or feet, giving her a soothing massage can work wonders. It’s best to speak to the obstetrician about safe techniques to use for massage during pregnancy.

5. Attend Birthing Classes

One of the suggestions you’ll likely hear from the obstetrician at your wife’s appointments is to sign up as a couple for a birthing class. While you’re at the class you’ll learn all sorts of helpful techniques to use for coaching your wife during the birth process. These classes can take a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of anticipating the time your child will be born. Having a detailed birth plan and knowing that she’ll have an informed, prepared husband with her in the delivery room can work wonders for your wife’s peace of mind. In can also be useful to know about complications that may happen, such as birth asphyxia, so as to know how to respond and what to be aware of.

Hopefully, this list has given you some insight into ways you can help your wife enjoy a smooth pregnancy. Just because she’s the one carrying the child it doesn’t mean that you have to sit passively on the sidelines. As a husband and father-to-be, there are plenty of ways you can be involved and make a positive difference for your child and for the woman you love.

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