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5 Ways To Increase The Comfort In Your Home And Save Money At The Same Time

There are plenty of ways for homeowners to improve the comfort of their homes while staying within a budget. The following guide provides five great ways for improving climate control in a house.

Install Insulation

Homeowners can save a significant amount of money by installing proper insulation. A significant amount of heat is transferred through the ceilings and floors. Reitzel Insulation a company that does attic insulation removal has said that traditional foam insulation can be relatively inexpensive and effective at keeping heat contained. It’s important to look for a large R-Value when selecting insulation material.

HVAC Air Filters

A forced air climate control system should have multiple air filters installed inside some of the vents in order to improve air quality. Furnaces in particular should have filters installed in order to prevent airborne particles from circulating inside the ducts. Some technical specifications to consider when shopping for air filters include Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and Filter Performance Rating. The HEPA ratings may also appear on the filter packages.

Ceiling Fans

To minimize the costs of running an air conditioner, homeowners can install ceiling fans. These fixtures can deliver a much needed cool breeze during the hot summer season. It costs a lot less to operate a few ceiling mounted fans than to power an air conditioner. Additionally, these fans may come with multiple lamps that provide illumination for the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Set Up Dehumidifier

Basements usually do not have any vents that are connected to a climate control system of a home. The lower level of a house can get very damp. Such moist conditions may lead to the growth of mold or mildew. A simple dehumidifier can be placed in the middle of a basement in order to prevent major health hazards and restoration costs. A dehumidifier needs to be connected to an electrical outlet and some sort of container that can collect water.

New Windows

Another smart way to improve climate control inside a home is to install brand new windows that have multiple panes. Double and triple planed windows provide extra thermal insulation, something that saves money on utility bills. Additionally, glazed windows block out UV rays while allowing some sunlight to illuminate the interior space of a room. Last but not least, new windows also add some aesthetic appeal to the exterior and interior of a home.

Small and inexpensive installations can make a home more comfortable. Homeowners should invest a little bit of money to save on costly utility bills in the long run.

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