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5 Ways To Protect Your Teen From Drinking And Driving

5 Ways To Protect Your Teen From Drinking And DrivingDrinking and driving is one of the most serious threats that parents of teenagers must worry about. The feeling of immortality that teenagers have keeps them from recognizing just how dangerous drinking and driving can be. If you are the parent of a teen and worried about this, follow these five tips to help prevent your child from the dangers of drinking and driving.

1. Set the Rules in Stone

It doesn’t matter whether your teen has a driver’s license or a car. They will have friends who drive. This makes it imperative that parents talk with their teens about the rules for drinking and driving. Make sure they know that getting in a car with anyone who has had even a sip of alcohol will be punished with the severest of consequences.

2. Know the Parents of Your Teen’s Friends

You may think your teen is safe because you do not let them drink in your home. That matters little if they are exposed to drinking at their friends’ homes. Unfortunately, many parents allow their children to drink at home or do not supervise their parties. The best way to prevent this is to get to know the parents of your teenager’s friends. Make a pact with them that all parties at your homes will be alcohol-free and include parental supervision.

3. Have a Secret Code with Your Teen

Teenagers are always afraid to look uncool in front of their friends. Many times they are embarrassed to call for a ride after drinking because they think their friends will make fun of them. Make sure that your teens know that you will always come pick them up at any hour of the night if they need a sober ride. You can establish a code message with them that they can use to text you and avoid embarrassment if they need a ride.

4. Hope for the Best, Brace Yourself for the Worst

Even with your best efforts, your teen may make the stupid decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. After all, teenagers are not known for making the best decisions, and this is especially true after they have been drinking. You should be prepared to deal with legal action with a Collin County DWI lawyer in case your teen does get arrested for drinking and driving.

5. Lock the Liquor Cabinet

No matter how much your trust your teen, you cannot guarantee they won’t be peer pressured by their friends to raid your liquor cabinet. Never leave liquor unattended in your home. You should always keep it under lock and key to prevent your kids from getting into it.

If you follow these five tips, you will have a good chance to protect your teenagers from the dangers of drinking and driving. You can never be too careful when it comes to this subject. Any lapse can lead to deadly consequences.

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