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5 Ways You Can Make Money To Live Healthier

There are countless benefits to living healthier. You will feel better, look better, sleep better, and perform better in all areas of life. You will even live longer. Healthy living can stave off notorious afflictions that decrease the length and quality of life such as heart disease and diabetes. If those aren’t enough reasons to start living healthier today, here is one more. You can actually make money to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are five ways.

Personal Training

When you start living a healthy lifestyle, people will notice. Your body will become more toned, your skin clearer, and you will exude more energy. Others will start asking how you do it. By taking up personal training as a full-time or a side career, you can make money simply showing others how to live healthy.

Fitness Competitions

You don’t have to win an Ironman Triathlon to make money competing in fitness. No matter where you live, you can find a host of fitness-related competitions to compete in every month, many offering prize money to the top competitors. These competitions range from CrossFit to mud runs to sprint triathlons and much more. Nothing like adding cash as an extra motivating factor to step up your healthy living even more!


Are you improving your health with the assistance of a great product such as a meal replacement shake or green food supplement? Why not reach out to the manufacturer and pitch yourself as a spokesperson? Companies love to trot out real people who have actually benefited from their products and let them show off their real transformations rather than using professional actors in their marketing.


Blogging allows you to share your healthy living tips with thousands of others around the world who also wish to live healthier lifestyles. You can either start your own blog and sell advertising space on it when your readership grows, or you can become a paid blogger for an established health-related web site.

Network Marketing

Are you a people-person? Great at networking? Why not seek out a health-related network marketing business opportunity? Many health products are sold using a network marketing structure where not only do you get paid commissions on the products you sell, but you also have the ability to recruit a team of others and get paid commissions on what they sell as well. All you have to do is successfully use a great product you can believe in and then reach out to people and explain how you are living healthier and that you can show them how to do the same!



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