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6 Costs Involved When Your Teens Play On A Sports Team

Playing on a sports team is a great way for your teen to socialize, practice teamwork skills and get in some physical activity. Playing on a sports team also helps to round out a teen’s college application. While there are benefits to participating in a teen sports team, there are some costs that you should be aware of before committing to it.


Teenagers often have big appetites. If it is your turn to provide the team snack, be prepared to order a dozen pizzas or a couple of dozen sandwiches. If you travel to the games, you’ll be paying for many meals on the road. It’s also important to keep the fridge stocked with healthy snacks so they don’t fill up on junk food as often.

Hotel Rooms

Most sports teams involve some travel, especially if your child ends up in a playoff or championship series. You may find yourself on the road two or three times per month, paying for a hotel room each time. Even if you do not attend the games, you may still need to pay for your child’s hotel room.

Travel Costs

Driving to all of those away games may hit your wallet at the gas station. If your teen’s team travels a great distance around your state, you may find yourself filling up your gas tank to attend every game. The wear and tear on your car may add up too, especially if you end up with a flat tire or another problem while driving to the games.


Not all sports teams provide the uniform and accessories to your child. You may find yourself paying hundreds of dollars for the uniform, sports shoes, helmet, gloves and accessories. You should also be prepared to pay for dry cleaning fees to keep the uniform in good condition after each game.

Care for Injuries

Any physical activity could cause your child to get injured. An injury such as a cut, broken tooth, fractured bone or sprained muscle will require medical care. Different severities in injuries will require different care. For example, if your teen received a knee injury in Boise or elsewhere, specialized care from an orthopedic may be the best option. You may have a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible for such care. If you do not have insurance, you will have to pay out-of-pocket. 

Sports Physicals

Your child’s sports team might require a sports physical in order to play. If your health insurance doesn’t cover this exam, you will need to pay for it out of pocket.

Teen sports teams can be fun for your whole family. By knowing the costs ahead of time, you can adjust your budget accordingly and avoid being surprised by any unexpected fees and expenses that you did not count on.

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