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6 Fun Games That Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Many kids think that brushing their teeth is the most boring part of the day. It can be hard to get them to focus so they can have proper dental health. However, while good tooth brushing may be a necessary routine, it does not have to be boring. Check out these six games to discover how to turn tooth brushing into a healthy habit.

Make a Fun Playlist

Children who love to be the center of attention may enjoy a chance to show off during tooth brushing time. Let them sing and dance the time away while scrubbing off plaque by creating a playlist of songs just for tooth brushing time. Each song should be approximately two minutes long, which is the amount of time recommended for proper brushing.

Find an App

Most kids are as on top of technology these days as their parents are. From playing games on the family iPad to managing the remote control, kids think of technology as just another part of life. Parents should use this as a smart ploy to keep kids interested in brushing their teeth. There are dozens of apps available, many of them free, that give kids something to do while they are brushing their teeth. Consider ones that offer two minute timers that show favorite characters brushing their own teeth that tell stories or that reveal pictures the longer that the child brushes.

Set It to a Story

Kids who have a wild imagination will love a great adventure story tied to tooth brushing. Nothing is too farfetched as long as it gets the job done. Consider telling stories about “sugar monsters” that are attacking the teeth, or simply read a book to the child for two minutes every morning and evening. Seek out picture books that teach about their teeth and proper brushing.

Make It a Sibling Competition

Kids who are competitive love to have another reason to boast that they are better than their siblings are. Let siblings compete against each other to see who can brush the longest or the best. For young kids, consider reaching into their naturally bright imaginations by helping them see who can destroy the most “sugar monsters.”

Let Them Brush Your Teeth

While this may not be appropriate every day, younger kids may be more interested in letting parents brush their teeth if they get a chance to practice their skills on a parent first. This can be a fun way to feel just like an adult. Or, when you are at the dentist with your kids ask if they can practice on one of the model mouths in the office, like those at Woodbridge, VA, dental care. This gives them a chance to see that everyone, not just them, need to brush.

Create a Reward Calendar

Older kids may prefer to work towards a reward. Set up a calendar that they can mark every time they brush for the full two minutes. Once they reach the desired number of tooth brushing times, let them head to the store to pick out a small gift, or save up reward points for a larger purchase for which they have been begging.

While games may be one of the best ways for getting kids through the sometimes painful two minutes that are necessary for healthy tooth brushing, there are many other ideas for helping kids really get into the process. Parents can look for educational movie clips, shows, and books. Print out free coloring pages and download tooth brushing songs. Get Creative! Find free ways to invest in a child’s oral health for the rest of his or her life.

With a bit of fun and a dose of creativity, parents can help kids see tooth brushing time as a time for fun. When this becomes a positive experience, kids are more likely to build this habit into the rest of their lives.

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