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6 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids About Green Living

6-fun-ways-to-teach-your-kids-about-green-livingJust by looking at the sporadic changes in the weather, it’s clear that global warming is a very real issue. Additionally, there are things that we as humans can do to help save Mother Earth. In an effort to train the next generation to take better care of the Earth, it’s a great idea to teach your children about green living. Get it ingrained into their daily routine and they’ll live eco-friendly lifestyles without even thinking about it. However, it doesn’t have to be boring. Try these six fun ways of teaching your children about green living.


Gardening is an excellent form of exercise. It’s also really awesome if you’re looking to prepare food in a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Take your children to the stores at the beginning of the various seasons. Allow them to pick out different fruits, vegetables and roots they’d like to enjoy for meals once they grow. Many restaurants are opening up with a farm-to-table theme. Forgo the restaurant process and do the farm-to-table process at home with your children.

Meat-free Meals

Some families have a meat-free meal together once a week. Mass meat production companies waste a lot and this business model isn’t close to practicing green living. As a result, try to support more eco-friendly styles of eating even if it’s just once a week. Try different meatless recipes and get creative. Allow the children to pick out recipe they’d like to try and make it a family effort.

Reusable Grocery Totes

However, unless you live on a farm with all the groceries you could ever need, you might need to go to the grocery store from time to time. When you go to the store, stores usually bag groceries in plastic bags. Plastic bags aren’t good for the environment. Start buying reusable totes and allow your children to paint or create designs on them. This makes it a little more exciting when it’s time to use and wear something they designed and can carry groceries in.

Turning off Lights and Water

It’s really easy for children to go through the house and leave all the lights on without worry. It is important to consider utilities like light and water. Encourage children to turn off the water while they’re brushing their teeth instead of letting it run unnecessarily. These practices might seem tedious at first, but they’re worth it.


Allow your children to help you decorate a recycling bin just for them. Pull out the cardboard boxes, paints, glitter and stickers. Once the new box is ready, this is strictly for the children to add their used water bottles, soda cans and other recycled items in. It’s exclusive to them and holds them accountable in active recycling.


Children are always growing out of their clothes. When it is impossible to hand down the clothes anymore, make sure to gather the clothes, wash them and donate them to charity. Encourage your children to help you in this process. Remind them that sharing is caring and it’s a good thing to be able to bless someone else and recycle at the same time.

While enrolling in an LLM online program and becoming an environmental activist are wonderful ways to encourage others to go green, start with your own family and look at the difference you can make! Teaching your kids good green habits at a young age can last with them for the rest of their lives. You will be surprised to see how much help your little family can be.

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