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6 Great Seasonal Jobs for Teenagers

If you have teens in your home, then you know they need money for everything under the sun. The good news is that many teenagers can get seasonal jobs to help them learn responsibility and earn money. Here are six great seasonal jobs for teenagers.

Lifeguard at the Pool

If your teen likes to swim and is responsible, being a lifeguard at the pool is a fun way to spend the summer and earn money. Your teen can work on his tan and enjoy the beautiful weather while doing minimal work. Your teenager will have to take a class to get certified, but the job is worth it.

Lawn Maintenance

If your teen doesn’t mind manual labor, he can get a job in lawn maintenance. Your teenager can actually work for himself instead of trying to get hired with a company. All he has to do is start asking friends and neighbors if they need their lawns mowed, their weeds pulled, or their yards raked. This job pays cash.

Construction Work

Another option is for your teen to try is a job at a local construction site with a reputable company like Boss Construction. Construction sites always need workers, and your teen could learn a lot about teamwork and the planning involved in construction projects. While your teen won’t be driving heavy equipment, he can haul materials or perform manual labor.

Babysitting Jobs

Most parents need babysitters during the summer months, so you teen could rake in a lot of money by babysitting. Encourage your child to take a basic first aid course to ensure everyone’s safety. This is another job that pays cash.

Waiter or Waitress Jobs

The food service industry is always hiring, so your teen could get hired easily for seasonal employment. Being a waiter or waitress teaches teens how to treat others. Teens learn how to be respectful and enthusiastic since doing so determines how much they earn in tips.

Coaching Positions

One final seasonal job for teens is coaching kids’ sports teams. Most school divisions, recreational leagues, or city leagues will hire teenagers as coaches for a variety of seasonal sports. If your teen excels at sports and loves kids, this is a great option and will keep them active while they work.

Finding a seasonal job is not difficult. All it takes is a little initiative to go out and actually apply for work. Busy teens who work are also more likely to stay out of trouble.

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