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6 Important Topics To Discuss With Elderly Parents

The segment of the population in their Golden Years is proportionally increasing. Therefore, an ever-increasing number of adults have elderly parents. Six important topics need to be discussed candidly with elderly parents to help avoid issues and arguments in the future:

Medical Decisions

In this day and age, all adults should have a durable medical power of attorney in place. This instrument designates a trusted individual to make medical decisions when the person who creates the power of attorney is unable to do on his or her own. The instrument also sets forth any limitations to that decision making power that the signer desires. Discussion a durable medical power of attorney is a conversation an adult child must have with elderly parents.

Estate Plans

One of the most important matters to discuss with elderly parents is estate planning. Of course, a child does not want to be overly invasive when it comes to parents and estate planning. Nonetheless, a child should make certain that his or her elderly parents have received proper counsel and developed an estate plan appropriate to their situation. It’s best to get the help of legal experts like those at Ramsden Lawyers to make sure everything is done correctly.

Skilled Care Plans

Many elderly adults end up receiving skilled care in one form or another at some juncture in their lifetime. This type of care can be provided in a residential facility or, in some cases, in a person’s own home. Discussing an elderly parent’s wishes in this regard, before the need arises, is a must.

Funeral and Burial Plans

Many elderly people are proactive when it comes to funeral and burial planning. Nonetheless, this subject is a topic of discussion with elderly parents. On the list associated with this conversation is knowing where to access any written plans prepared by parents. In addition, determining any pre-planning with a funeral home must also be done.

Residential Preferences

Another topic of conversation with elderly parents involves the issue of where they want to live under different sets of circumstances. In this day and age, a variety of support programs exist that permit elderly people to reside in their own homes for longer periods of time, if that is their wish. On the other hand, many communities have a fairly broad spectrum of different types of residential options for elderly people.

Financial Plans and Budgets

Finally, adult children need to discuss financial plans and budgets with elderly parents. The goal is not to be overly intrusive. Rather, the objective is to ensure that elderly parents have proper plans and reasonable budgets in place.

While some of these topics may be difficult to discuss, it’s important to do so early so there is much less stress later on when issues arise. Having these discussions can make difficult decisions in the future easier to deal with.

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