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6 Numbers to Leave with the Babysitter for Better Peace of Mind

Leaving your kids with a babysitter can be a stressful situation, especially for new parents, but it is something that everyone needs to do at some point. Getting a babysitter for the first time is a monumental move for the young parents. While it may be stressful to leave your kids, there are still several things you can do to have better peace of mind. If you leave the babysitter these six numbers, then they will be prepared for any emergency that may occur and you can have a great time out on the town with your spouse.

Your Number

You are going to want to be notified about anything that might happen while your away from the house, so the babysitter must absolutely have your number. While this can come in handy during an emergency, it would also help the babysitter if they have any questions or concerns while your out.

Emergency Service Number

While you hope nothing bad will ever happen to your children, the babysitter should be prepared for an emergency. If something truly horrific does happen while you are out, 911 should be the first number the babysitter calls. Although, there may arise a situation that is not life threatening and the babysitter may want to contact the right authorities. If you want more peace of mind, then you can also leave them the numbers to the local police and fire department or even a Urgent Care Center like Northside Urgent Care & Family Medicine. These numbers may come in handy in a tight situation.

Number of Your Location

It is always a good idea to leave the babysitter the number of the location you are going on your date so you can be reached by another method besides your cell phone. Your phone could lose a signal, have a dead battery or you just may not hear it ring because you are in a loud location and this could be a great way for a little extra security.

Doctor’s Number

If your child is under a doctor’s care or has a specific medical condition, then you absolutely have to leave the doctor’s personal number with a babysitter. The doctor will know what to do in a health emergency with your child more than anyone else and can be a great lifeline for proper care.

Poison Control

Kids are always going to find ways to do things they are not supposed to no matter how attentive the parent or babysitter. They also like to put things in their mouth that they shouldn’t, so make sure the babysitter knows the national poison control number in case your child ingests something toxic.

Neighbor’s/Friend’s Number

The neighbor or best friends number is also great to give the babysitter because they will most likely be able to get to your house first. They will be able to help the babysitter through any situation until you are able to get home.

While the odds of an emergency happening while you child is with a babysitter are very slim, it is still best to be prepared for anything. Giving the babysitter these numbers will prepare them for any situation so you can enjoy your date night with peace of mind.

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