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6 Simple Staging Tricks to Sell Your House Quick

If you are in a hurry to sell your home, take advantage of these simple but effective staging ideas to attract buyers who will be enthralled. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to optimize the appearance and marketability of your house. Check out the following upgrade tips that are easy, fast, and affordable.

Focus on Main Areas

Although each room should look its best, emphasize a few key rooms that buyers are likely to notice first. These often include the living room, family room, kitchen, and bathroom where families often share considerable time together or entertaining family and friends. When you’re planning to sell real estate, experts often suggest staging the first few rooms that buyers will see when they enter the home, as this creates a positive first impression. Make sure your furniture is clean and well-kept. You might want to borrow or rent more up-to-date pieces go give some of the rooms a fresher image.

Remove Personal Effects

Realtors often remind sellers to put away family photos as well as personal effects in the rooms. This enables prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the home and picture their own personal touches to the decorating style. Store extra shoes, coats, and pet toys away from open spaces to promote a clean, well-organized home.

Enhance Original Features

Whatever style of home you have, accentuate its major design points, such as curving stairs, large windows, or retro furnishings for an eye-catching effect. Though it may be tempting to fill your home with modern décor, avoid mixing styles and fashions. Stick to a plan that works with the home’s architecture and age.

Add Flashpoints

Create several accents throughout your home to increase visual appeal. Colorful throw pillows, cute area rugs, and interesting but subtle wall décor or table accents like plants or figurines will enhance the beauty of the house. While these accents will add interest to your home, be wary of adding too many. This can overwhelm prospective homebuyers. They may be distracted by too many accents and may later have trouble remember the good points of your home.

Coordinate Interior Elements

Orchestrate a connecting theme throughout your home. This can be done by painting the rooms in fresh, coordinated colors or including natural elements like floral patterns and foliage planters to liven up the rooms. This is easier to do if your wall colors and décor are fairly neutral. Bright walls or distracting décor will make it difficult to have a cohesive home.

Accent the Entrance

Give your property curb appeal by keeping the lawn trimmed and weed-free. Plant a few small shrubs or hang some flower baskets at the front entrance. The front door should be freshly painted, with the porch swept and tidy. Your entrance should be appealing and inviting to incite buyer interest.

Extra attention given to these special areas of your home will attract buyers who will want to see the rest of the property. With minimal time and cost, your home can stand out as a leading property on the market, so that you can sell as quickly as possible.

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