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6 Tips For Helping Your Teen Prep For Their License

The big day is approaching. Your child’s sixteenth birthday. While the countdown to getting their license begins, you may want to help with preparations. Not only do you want your child to pass (the first time!) but you to make sure they are safe every time they gets behind the wheel. With these six tips, you can help them rock the license exam.

6 Tips For Helping Your Teen Prep For Their License

Start Driving Early

Get behind the wheel! Even before your child has a license, get them driving. Find an empty parking lot and let them try it out. Not only can this help get your child used to handling the car, but it can also be good parent-child time, especially when followed up by ice cream or a movie.

Get Real-World Experience

Permit in hand, find a back road that’s slow and quiet, such as at a state park. There your child will be able to get practical driving experience, such as slowing around curves, coming to a full stop, practicing safe following distances, maintaining speed, and going around others on the road. When your child is just starting to drive it is a good idea to ease them into it with easy and simple roads.

Sign Your Teen Up For Driver’s Ed

One of the most difficult things for parents to do while driving with their teen is keep their cool. Luckily, driver’s ed classes provides a strong foundation and practical education. Not only do these classes get you out on the road driving, but they also go through the information about the written test. This is definitely an essential step when it comes to helping your teen get their license.

Drive In A Variety of Weather Situations

If your teen only gets experience driving during the day, when it’s sunny and clear, he won’t be prepared for driving in the rain, at night, in the snow or on ice. As the old adage says, practice makes perfect. Driving in bad weather is something that is scary for everyone, but if your teen doesn’t get practice they may not know how to handle an emergency situation later on down the road.

Drive In Several Situations

If it makes you, an experienced driver, annoyed and irritated, your teen should gain the experience, too. Construction. Rush hour. Changing lanes. Merging into traffic. Driving requires experience. These experiences are high-risk, so it’s important to ensure your teen is confident, first. Encourage your teen to pay special attention to trucks. Truckers take a long time to stop, particularly if cut off. In the event of an accident, truck accident lawyers – Seattle can assist.

Manage Your Temper

It’s easier to learn with encouragement and praise than swears, yelling and harsh critiques. Provide advice, encouragement and consequences, but don’t yell. Can’t stop? Encourage your kids to scream at you the next time you drive.

Preparing teens to get their license is a daunting task, but important. Start your teen with solid driving skills, good experiences and a positive attitude, and he or she will become confident, competent, licensed drivers.

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