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6 Tips for Keeping Your Crazy Kids Injury Free

6-tips-for-keeping-your-crazy-kids-injury-freeCaring for active children is a full-time job, and it is one of the most challenging and underpaid positions out there. From babies that put everything in their mouths to teenagers who don’t use common sense driving techniques, parents will never stop worrying about how to keep their kids injury free. There’s no easy solution for keeping your kids safe all the time and at some point you do need to trust that they will learn some self-preservation skills. Until they do, here are a few tips to help ease the transition. However, until then here are some tips to help you be able to keep your kids safe and injury free.

Look For Danger Within Your Home

Baby-proofing a home is usually on every parent’s to do list, but how about more subtle dangers? For children of any age you should make sure prescription medication has child-safe lids and is out of sight. Little kids love to get into everything so it is essential for you to do all that you can to keep dangerous materials up high where your kids either can’t find them or can’t get to them. That way you can avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Get to Know Their Best Friend’s Parents

As your child enters preschool and elementary they will start spending more and more time with their friends. Make sure you are comfortable with their friend’s parents to care for them in case of injury and drive them home safely. Getting to know your child’s friends parents is a great way to keep tabs on your kids and make sure that they are safe.

Teach Safety Around Strangers and Relatives

Always talk to your kids about what kind of contact is appropriate with both strangers and relatives. Take the time to explain to your children what behavior is ok and what is not. Explain that that they should not talk to strangers or go anywhere with someone they don’t know. Teaching stranger danger at a young age is absolutely essential to keeping your kids safe.

Think About Your Vacation Destinations

Not all vacations are created equal. Make sure that when you are planning a trip you plan to go somewhere safe.  While you and your spouse might be delighted to go enjoy a weekend in Vegas, you will not be so pleased to be googling “slip and fall attorney Las Vegas” when one of your kids trips over an ornate fountain in your hotel’s lobby. However, accidents happen and no matter where you go there can be danger. Just do your best to pick out somewhere as safe and secure as possible.

Restrict Driving Privileges

Obtaining a driver’s license should not entitle your teen to control their own vehicle unless they prove to you their good judgement behind the wheel. If you know your child has been looking at a smart phone or has been impaired behind the wheel even one time, the car privileges cease until they understand what you expect.

Understand Injuries Are Part of the Journey

From the playground to sports, injuries will occur. Hovering over your children will increase this risk. Allow them to spread their wings and play while instilling confidence in their own physical ability. Just always know that there is a chance your kids will get hurt and that’s okay. That’s part of growing up.

All children and parents have a different dynamic when it comes to personal safety. Take the time to sit down with your child and tell them repeatedly that you worry for their safety because you love them.

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