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6 Tips on Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bike

Knowing how to ride a bicycle is something we may never forget, but we still have to learn how to do it in the first place. Most of us learn when we are young and are taught by one or both parents. Here are some tips to consider if you are planning to teach your child how to ride.

Remove the Training Wheels

Children who use training wheels are technically not riding. Training wheels should be removed when feasible in order to instill the sense of balance that is needed to ride. Once free of the wheels, have the child sit on the seat with his or her legs straddling the bike and both feet touching the ground.

Teach in a Secure Location

The ground on which the riding will take place should be flat, paved and free from obstructions. This will give the child the stability needed to start riding and the freedom of movement before steering is perfected. Two good places to learn are a driveway and a parking lot that is empty of traffic and stationary vehicles.

Get the Child Accustomed to Wearing a Helmet

The helmet should fit snugly but should not be uncomfortable to the wearer. A helmet should also provide the child with protection but not interfere with vision. This would also be a good time to teach the child some basic safety tips. Accidents that do occur may require legal intervention and consultation with law groups such as Alexander Law Group.

Introduce the Child to Coasting

Let the child become familiar with steering and balancing before learning how to pedal properly. In the event that the bike has hand rather than coaster brakes, you may consider removing the pedals with a wrench to help the child concentrate on the handling process.

Play Follow-the-Leader

If you have a bicycle, you may want to ride in front of your child. You will thus become the eyes and ears of your student and allow the child to concentrate on riding and not on other objects or the condition of the road. However, always stay close to your student!

Make the Lessons Fun

You should never use a harsh tone when teaching your child how to ride and should remember that children have their own learning styles. Bicycling can be useful for professional and recreational purposes, but learning to ride should always be fun!

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