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6 Ultimate At-Home Fitness Equipments

If you want to have a perfect body but can’t afford it because you have lack of time or too busy to take care of your family at home, then you should get your own at-home fitness equipments. This can make the most of your exercise routine, without needing to go to the gym and spend for a costly gym membership. You may able to work out at home whenever you have a free time or that is fitting for you to carry out, day or night.

But first, you need these 6 ultimate fitness equipments best for home use. You can pick the best one that will suit you best.

Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are very functional especially for those who are just starting to get into fitness routine; but of course, it is also applicable for those advanced exercisers. The bands have various colors. Each color represents on your capability as well as to the type of the moves you are executing. They are like oversize rubber bands that you are going pull adjacent to build up certain muscle faction. You can start with the medium-strength band. You can augment the resistance by simply flopping the band lengthwise; otherwise, cutting the band by just holding it closer to its anchor. Try to make it simpler by affixing one edge to the tip of the anchor instead of flopping it, and then you hold the other edge of the band in your hand.

Stability Ball

Exercise balls are utilized on workouts, centre muscle exercises, and stretches. These types of balls are big and flexible rubber materials. The proper guidelines for hands-on training are essential before you use this stability ball to steer clear from injury. . Here is a proper guide:

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Height correct measurement under 4′ 6” is 30cm/ 12” ball; 5′ 1″- 5’7″ is 55cm/ 22″) ball; 5′ 8″- 6′ 2″ is 65-cm/ 26″ ball; for more than 6′ 2″ is 75cm/30″ ball.

Yoga Mat

Oga mat is also known as work-out mat. It is one of the most important at-home fitness equipments to have in your home. This can protect your back from the hard floor surface compare to the carpet. It is a rubber and safer to utilize, It comes in different colors, wherein you can get your favourite color.


These are the most ideal fitness equipment you can have in your home for structuring your muscle and shaping your body to fit. Each weighs 3-pound. A -5 pound weight is adequate to begin your strength-training regimen. If your strength gets better, you can add 8 pound or 10 pound weights.

Heart Rate Monitor

This is one of the essential types of at-home fitness equipments to monitor your energy level and keep your calorie on its track. This can help check the calorie you burn up in your fitness progress. You have to take note that too much exercising can cause you harm. This may lead to exhaustion and injury. The normal heart rate that you must maintain should be between 80% and 85% of your highest heart rate.

Workout DVDs

To watch a DVD in regards to fitness is like you are taking fitness classes as well. This is the most practical idea you can use at home where you can try something fresh methods like kickboxing or zumba. Or else. You can simply explore online to get to know more resources in order to get faster results and get into the next level. You can always find a DVD for every level plus interest that you pursue.

Jennifer Chris has been an active fitness trainer. She shares her experience and provides some tips to help those who want to pursue fitness activity. You can reach her on her site

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