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6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Instilling good oral health habits in your kids can be comparable to, well, pulling teeth. There are some things you can do, however, to get your kids to brush regularly. Doing so will decrease the likelihood of them having oral health issues and safeguard your pocketbook from expensive dental work later. Here are six approaches you can try.

Start Early

You should begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as those teeth emerge. This will get children in the habit of brushing their teeth and establish a clear routine for them to follow throughout their lives. You can further cement this routine by giving it an established place in your children’s day. For example, right before they go to bed is ideal because you are likely supervising them anyway to say goodnight.

Turn It into a Game

One of the easiest ways to turn brushing into a game is to say your children have “won” when they brush for the recommended length of time. You can also reward them with stickers or other fun items for brushing their teeth twice a day. Parents with more than one child could potentially turn it into a competition, with first and second (or more) prizes. You could also make a story out of it, and have your kids be the hero by banishing plaque.

Buy Different Products

Purchasing and trying different products might aid your children in brushing and practicing good oral health in general. For example, your daughter might have teeth that are very close together, which could make it very difficult, if not impossible, to floss traditionally. You could look into getting floss picks for her.

Children’s mouth rinse often tastes good and can aid in your children’s oral health. However, that can also increase the likelihood of them swallowing it, so supervise your children while they use it and ensure they understand not to swallow. Finally, you can get an electric toothbrush. Children often find them fun to use and might be fascinated by them.

Let Them Choose

Letting your children choose their own toothbrush, toothpaste and even mouth rinse can make it more likely they will brush. Toothpaste for children comes in many palatable flavors, and can even feature characters they love. They might be proud to pick out their own toothbrush in their favorite color, which will encourage them to brush as well. Products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance have been evaluated by the American Dental Association for safety and effectiveness, so it is best to ensure your child chooses from among those products.

Have a Fun Dentist

Many kids don’t like going to the dentist, which is why it can be very important to find a fun dentist who is good with kids and who they will actually like visiting. If your kids like their dentist, they are far more likely to follow his or her advice. Dentists that specialize in children’s dentistry might be more likely to meet these requirements. Look for children’s dentistry in Wilmington DE, or in your area, to find a good children’s dentist who will be a good match for your kids.

Value Your Own Oral Health

Valuing your own oral health has significant benefits, but it also has a major impact on whether your children brush their teeth or not. They want to be like you, and if you treat oral health as something that is important, your children will believe that too. Parents placing a value on oral health means you are much more likely to get your children in to the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups where problems can be discovered before they grow severe.

Getting your kids to brush regularly doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try the methods listed above to see if they help encourage your kids to practice good oral health. It might even inspire your while family to take their oral health more seriously.

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