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7 Challenges Low-Income Families Face When They Move to Denver

Denver is the capital and the largest city in Colorado. In the past few years, there have been thousands of individuals who have relocated to the city away from their original settlements. These people are pointing out to the city of Denver as a place where there is a lot of opportunities for them to live better lives. In the past seven years, the population of Denver climbed from 600,000 to 700,000, and more people are coming in. However, they are not aware of the problems that they might face once they started adapting to the life in Denver. The low-income families are the ones most vulnerable to these challenges, and they would have to think about a possible solution on how they can adapt to the life in the city. The city of Denver also has one of the highest poverty rates in the country, and the local government is proposing city ordinances that would help low-income families from being victims of poverty.


Denver, Colorado has a wide range of housing options for families. However, for low-income families, they would have to look for the cheapest housing available. There are numerous apartments and tenements outside the city center that is available for purchase, and low-income families must decide whether to take these units or to look for cheaper alternatives that are already located miles outside the city center, which in the long run, would not be worth it. Low-income families could also seek the help from the local government to see if they could avail of their low-cost housing projects within the city.

Job Opportunities

Low-income families can have limitless opportunities in the city of Denver, but they would have to work hard to look for a job that would sustain their living. With many job opportunities waiting for them, they would have to consider if the salary that was given would be enough to pay for their monthly expenses. Job hunting can also be a challenge to low-income families that did not have the chance to attain higher education. Most companies in Denver are looking for those who managed to finish their studies, and on top of that, years of experience in their chosen careers.

Business Opportunities

For those who wanted to take up an entrepreneurial career while in Denver, they would need to face challenges such as paying their taxes and obtaining business permits. Low-income families can also have problems getting these documents as the city requires additional papers and proof before a business can be opened.

Cost of Living

Denver is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the United States, and as a result, low-income families would have a hard time adapting to the city’s way of life. They would have to work hard for them to be able to pay their rent and to buy other necessities like food, water, and gas.


Denver has 157 public schools, 220 private schools, and nine universities and colleges. There are many public schools all throughout Denver, Colorado, but parents would have to fully support their children when they started to go to school. Low-income parents would need to have extra money to use while their children are attending the city’s public schools because of unexpected expenses. It is also essential for families to focus on teaching their children as well, and guide them through their lectures because some public schools in the city have a massive population of students and teachers could no longer guide them one after another. To ensure that the children are learning, they should be monitored from home as well.


Hospitals and other medical centers abound in Denver, and low-income families would have to face the challenge of not being able to pay for the services offered to them by the doctors because of its high price. A runaround for low-income families would be availing insurance policies that provide health coverage to help them with the costs. There are many companies based in Denver offering different health insurances, and low-income families should try contacting their headquarters to see how they could help them.

Crime and Safety

Crime and safety are one of the growing issues in Denver today. If low-income family transfers to the city, chances are, they would end up in a neighborhood where fellow low-income families live. These areas are prone to crime, and the safety of those who live in these neighborhoods are at stake. One of the most important things to remember if you will be transferring to Denver would be avoiding the known crime hotspots.


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