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7 Reasons Why Single Parents Should Get a College Degree

7-reasons-why-single-parents-should-get-a-college-degreeSingle parents may think that getting a college degree is something they don’t have the time or money for. However, a degree can reap many rewards for the family as a whole. Outlined below are seven great reasons.

You will make more money
A college degree can help you realize your family’s financial goals. According to the US Census Bureau, college graduates earn almost twice that of high school graduates—$2.1 million compared to $1.2 million during their working career. The cost of going back to school may seem daunting, but the return on the investment is huge.

You will become more marketable
A quick look at your local job advertisements will show you that a college degree will open many more doors for you. Increasingly, employers are looking for candidates with degrees. Having one has become a real advantage in a very competitive job market.

You will feel more secure about your future
Getting a degree can help ease your worry about a volatile job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college grads are less likely to become unemployed. Knowing you have the skills to support your children regardless of what career changes may come will be a source of great comfort to you.

It can be a stepping stone to a new career
You may have years of experience in a field, but find that your current career is not right for you. Today, there are so many college programs to choose from—many of them online. Ranging from business degrees to even online master’s degree in education programs, a college degree can help you change paths and get the job of your dreams.

It can land you that promotion
If you’re already in a field that you love, getting a degree can help you attain an even better position. Most employers appreciate any initiative that an employee shows, and a degree can help you go even further within your current company.

You may qualify for federal grants
The last thing a single parent wants to do is spend more money than necessary, and a degree may seem like an unattainable financial goal. However, with needs-based federal grants available, single parents are finding that their dream of a degree is more attainable than they thought.

You will inspire your children
All parents want their children to become a success. What better way to inspire them to do well than to lead by example? Showing your children that a college degree is achievable, despite the struggles of being a single parent, may be one of the greatest gifts you can give to them.

There are many great reasons a single parent should get a college degree. It may seem very overwhelming. However, the rewards that you and your children will reap in the years to come will be immeasurable.


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