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7 Secure Healthcare Jobs You Want Your Children to Consider

Health care is a rapidly growing field, with an expected 19% increase in job openings between 2014 and 2024, explains the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs in health care are expected to increase at a faster rate than any other category of occupation. If you would like your child to earn a great living and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others, a job in health care is a great occupation to consider.

A dietician helps people to make healthy nutritional choices. They advise patients on how to cook foods and how to plan meals. They may also work with people with food allergies or metabolic disorders such as diabetes in order to help them manage their symptoms.

Laboratory Technician
Lab techs analyze tests to provide results use by doctors for treating and diagnosing diseases. They do not have direct patient contact but provide an essential role in health care services.

Nurse Practitioner
A nurse practitioner is able to diagnose and treat many health conditions, including strep throat, influenza and sinus infections. They perform sports physicals and counsel patients. A nurse practitioner has a master’s degree and license to practice nursing.

Physical Therapist
A physical therapist helps people to regain strength and range of motion. They work with people to recover after a slip-and-fall accident, auto accident or surgery.

Registered Nurse
A registered nurse can work in almost any health care setting, from a doctor’s office to a hospital or even a school. Registered nurses may specialize in a type of health care, such as pediatrics, or they may work with the general patient population. If your child likes to be around people and help others, a nurse is a great career.


Ultrasound technicians, or sonographers, operate the ultrasound machine. These machines take images of the soft tissues of the body. The images are used by doctors to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from muscle sprains to pregnancy.

X-ray Technician
As the population ages, more people are at risk of bone fractures. You child could take an online bachelor of radiation science technology program to become a licensed x-ray technician.

Jobs in health care have a variety of requirements, from a training certificate to a doctoral degree. Your child will be able to earn a higher than average salary by working in most health care occupations. Now is a great time to introduce your child to all of the different types of health care professions.


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