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7 Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy This Year

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If you want the best for your family, doing everything possible to protect their health should be a priority. There are many factors that could negatively affect your family’s health, and you can combat some of these problems by taking a proactive approach. Following these seven tips can help keep your family healthy this year.

Promote Exercise

Exercising can keep everyone in your family at a healthy weight and also prevent illnesses and other physical conditions that can decrease quality of life. Your family’s mental health can also benefit from exercise since physical activities are often good for lowering stress and lessening the effects of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. In addition to traditional cardio and weight-training exercises that you would do in a gym, you can take your family on hiking or biking adventures or try other exciting activities to make getting fit more fun.

Stay on Top of Home Cleaning

No matter how unpleasant house chores may be, they shouldn’t be neglected if you want to keep your family healthy. recommends sticking to cleaning schedules for cleaning microwaves, kitchen range hoods and refrigerators. Counters, tables and other surfaces in your home should be cleaned regularly with disinfectant wipes or other cleaners that are formulated to reduce bacterial and other germ levels. Miele vacuums and similar high-tech options can clean up the dirt, dust and other debris from carpets, bare floors and rugs. It’s also important to have your air ducts cleaned at least once or twice a year to keep dirty air from circulating throughout your home.

Wash Hands

As mundane as hand washing may be, it’s one of the most important things that members of your family can do to maintain optimal health. Handwashing should be a normal routine after going to the bathroom, but it’s also important for everyone to wash their hands throughout other times of the day. Harmful germs and viruses can get onto hands and can end up getting into the body when you touch areas around your eyes, nose or mouth. The hands should be washed each time for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water and an antibacterial soap.

Don’t Share Certain Things

Even though it’s nice to share often, certain things shouldn’t be shared to avoid spreading germs that can make people sick. Everyone should eat and drink from their own foods and beverages and avoid sharing them with others. This also includes eating utensils, cups and straws. Combs, toothbrushes and hats should not be shared as well. Other objects that shouldn’t be shared include whistles, horns and tissues.

Practice Healthy Eating

Meals and snacks that your family eats should include plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats that are minimally processed. Foods that contain high amounts of refined sugars, saturated fats and calories should be eaten only on rare occasions. It’s also good to reduce the number of beverages containing sugar and caffeine that are consumed. Some examples of the healthiest foods to eat include berries, nuts and skinless baked chicken.

Ensure the Best Sleep Possible

Sleep is an essential component to optimal health, and a lack of sleep could compromise the body’s immune system and result in other problems that could put your family members’ well being in jeopardy. Bed mattresses should be replaced every seven to ten years on average so that people can have enough support for their bodies while they sleep. It’s also best to make sure that temperatures inside your home don’t stay too hot at night so that everyone can sleep more comfortably. If too much light is getting into certain bedrooms, it’s recommended that you install curtains, shades or blinds that can keep the rooms darker so that sleep won’t be disrupted.

Address Home Maintenance Issues

Anything that’s broken or outdated in your home could pose safety risks. It’s important to fix or replace old pipes and other plumbing fixtures as needed. An inspection of your electrical system by a professional should also be arranged so that any old or damaged wires or other system components can be replaced to reduce the chances of electrical fires from sparking. If you notice any weak steps or floorboards, they should be fixed as soon as possible to keep people in your home from getting injured when stepping on them.

The right modifications to your home and lifestyle can help keep everyone in your family safe and healthy throughout the year. Making the right changes can help prevent illnesses and bodily harm that could negatively affect your family’s wellbeing.

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