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A Family United – Making the Most of Your Time Together

Are your children pulling away from you? You’re not alone. Many parents struggle to balance work-life demands and spend more time with their families, and a big part of that is not knowing what to do for “family time” in the first time. If you’re in need of ideas for fun bonding activities, here are just a few ways to re-connect with your kids.

Arts and Crafts

Crafts are a great way to encourage creativity in developing minds. Most people already know about the wonders that can be built with dry macaroni and popsicle sticks, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your materials. Collect things like cans, ribbons, pine cones, paper plates and empty peanut butter jars as well.

Game Nights

Younger children will love interactive games like charades. Older children will appreciate the strategy of board games and card games. You can even throw in a video game or two if your family enjoys its electronics. The specifics of game night matter less than the fact that you’re having it in the first place; the most important thing is that your family is enjoying a good time together.

Move Nights

Everyone loves a good movie, but instead of spending time, money and gas on a trip to the theater, pop a DVD into your home entertainment system. Not only will this allow your family to experience a sense of togetherness in a shared space, but you’ll also be able to screen, skip, mute or pause the film if anything is sensitive or age-inappropriate.  Some companies, like Pristine Sales, know that having complete control over the content of your movies is important.  Especially when you have kids that you want to protect.


According to a study in Public Health Nutrition, children who cook are more likely to eat their veggies. They make healthier choices when they’re actively involved in meal preparation. You can use this knowledge to your advantage the next time you’re making dinner; instead of banishing your kids from the kitchen to get them out of your hair, invite them to help and see what happens.


Fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. You just have to make exercise a fun, exciting experience rather than something to dread. For example, you could sign up the entire family for swimming or dancing classes, or you could get everyone involved in a team sport with family practices and training sessions. As long as it’s entertaining, kids will forget that it’s also healthy.

These are just a few tips for bringing your family closer together. In a world where children are exposed to constant outside influences in the form of smartphones, blogs and viral videos, it’s important to give them a solid foundation of family.

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