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A Safe Home: 4 Inspections You Should Be Doing Annually

There are multiple responsibilities left in the hands of a homeowner especially after purchasing the property. You want to make your home safe from any potential hazards that may present a threat to you and other home occupants. Here are four home inspections that you should perform in your home every year.

Roof Inspection

The roof is essentially one of the most critical components in a home. The roof withstands harsh weather conditions that may make it prone to wear and tear over time. Annual roof inspections examine the state of the roof cover for any possible water leaks that may cause damage to property in the house and also make room for mold growth. Ensure that you call in professionals to inspect the roofing, gutters, windows, and sidings and have them fix or replace any damaged items.

HVAC System Inspection

The HVAC system ensures that your home receives the right amount of cooling and heating in the appropriate months. An inspection ensures that the HVAC system runs effectively. Inspections also aid in detecting problems early and fixing them before they grow into mountains which in the long run saves you money.


The plumbing system often faces problems with leaks and low water pressure that could deter water supply to your home. If you have been receiving un-explained water bills, you might want to check with your plumber for an inspection. The professional will check all water heating equipment, faucets, water pressure, vents, pipes and any other equipment associated with the plumbing system in your home. Should there be problems such as leaks and low water volume, the professional will correct and set preventing measures.

Structure Inspection

The house like any other physical asset, is bound to depreciate and wear out as time passes by. Warning signs include sagging gutters, warping floors, gaps in the siding, cracks on the walls, chipping paint, broken doors and hinges and wood rot among many others. Some may come as a result of insect damage, water soaking, normal wear, and tear, external forces and mold. An inspector will probe the structure’s state to determine where it needs replacement and additional treatments to make it less vulnerable to attacks.

Becoming a homeowner requires real commitment to maintain the standards of the property. Not only do annual inspections save you money in the long run, but they also guarantee safety in your home.

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