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Active Family? 3 Ways to Avoid Battling Insurance in Case of an Injury

Whether your children are active in softball, football or soccer, you understand that injuries are part of the game. There are more than approximately 3.5 million sports injuries annually. In fact, you and your spouse may also participate in sports, such as bicycle riding, adult baseball or other activities that keep you fit and healthy. No matter what type of activity you do, whether it is power walking or kicking a soccer ball, there is the chance you can suffer an injury. When that happens, dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare. These tips can help you avoid a battle when it comes to getting your injury-related bills paid.

Was it a Competition or Practice?

If your children pay competitive sports for a school or other youth organization, insurance coverage may vary depending on whether the injury occurred during practice or at a game. Unfortunately, more than 62 percent of youth injuries occur during practice and not during a game. In some states, students are only covered by school district or organization policies if the injury occurs at a game while other states do not require the school to cover any sports-related injury. If the injury occurs at practice or in states where schools are not required to cover injury, the medical bills are the responsibility of the parent’s health insurance. If your child is highly competitive, such as participating in travel teams, you may need to purchase a separate sports insurance policy to cover any injuries.

Seek Treatment Immediately

Often, when a child is injured during a sports competition or practice, parents seek medical attention for serious injuries, such as severe sprains, concussions or broken bones. However, if the injury appears minor, parents may simply treat the child at home. In addition, when an adult is injured during an activity, they often attempt to treat at home without medical attention. Unfortunately, if the minor injury develops into something serious, insurance may be reluctant to cover any costs to treat the serious problem. In some cases, the insurance company may determine that immediate treatment would have prevented the serious issue altogether and deny coverage. Always seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare provider for injuries suffered during sporting events, especially those that occur at school or that are sponsored by other organizations, like Little League or Pop Warner.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

One of the most important tips for avoiding insurance hassles after a sports injury is to follow the doctor’s orders. Do not allow the injured person to return to the sport until they have been completely cleared by the doctor. If medications are prescribed, take them properly. The doctor may also prescribe physical therapy exercises that should be completed in order to be sure the injury heals properly. Failing to follow doctor’s orders could result in insurance claims being denied. Even more significant, failing to do as the doctor says could lead to further injury, including damage to the point you or child may not be able to play the sport again.

Although there is no way to completely prevent an injury from happening when your family is active, these tips can help injuries heal faster and help you avoid any problems with your insurance company when you seek medical treatment.

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