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Active Kids: 3 Strategies To Avoid Paying Through The Roof For Injuries

Healthy kids are active kids, but an active lifestyle can increase the risk of childhood injuries. An article in Nationwide Children’s discusses the current elevated exposure to sports-related injuries: “With an estimated 25 million scholastic, and another 20 million organized community-based youth programs in the United States, the opportunity for injury is enormous.” Sports injuries can be a financial burden, depending on the injury and the level of insurance. However, parents should consider the following steps to reduce the cost of children’s medical treatment.

Vision protection

Sun visors and lab goggles help to protect children’s vision while outdoors in the sun or in a school chemistry lab. For kids with vision weakness, eyeglasses may seem the natural treatment. However, during physical activities, especially sports, glasses can be easily bent or broken, sometimes resulting in eye injuries. Another option is contact lenses which may be more affordable and be less noticeable for your child. With various types now available, parents may want to contact a provider, like Discover Vision Centers, to find out if contact lenses might be a safer option for active children.

Sports gear

Each school sport or community sports program requires specific athletic uniforms and equipment to protect team players. For example, soccer gear includes shin guards. Basketball teams usually wear basketball-oriented shoes. However, kids that don’t wear the right gear are more vulnerable to injury. It is important for sports programs, coaches, and parents to ensure the kids wear protective gear when participating in a sports event. In fact, parents should check out prospective teams to ensure players are required to wear appropriate safeguards before registering a child for the team.

Free or low-cost clinics

Many communities offer free or low-cost medical care, often after regular business hours, to families who lack adequate health care coverage. It is a good idea to check for local clinics nearby and possibly register in advance, so when an injury occurs, the parents will speedily know where to go. Some individual doctors or medical practices provide low-cost sports exams or reduced-cost medical treatment for families who lack health care insurance.

Out-of-pocket costs for medical treatment of injured children can be prohibitive. Taking adequate precautions can help, including the enforcement of safety equipment, vision protection, and reduced medical care for injuries. Planning ahead can help to reduce stress and facilitate treatment if an injury should occur, which can also minimize trauma to children who are scared or in pain.

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