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Adoption Legalities to Know Before Completing the Paperwork

Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding events in a person’s life. Couples all over the world turn to adoption when they cannot have children of their own, or when they wish to give a home to a child in difficult circumstances. But prospective adoptive parents need to be aware of the many challenges inherent in the adoption process, from legal fees and potential frauds, to personal adjustments and red tape. It is always a good idea to have the name of a competent family law attorney who is well versed in adoption issues help you get started in the process. Here are some other things to be aware of.


Unfortunately, there is no shortage of scam artists who are happy to prey on couples who want to adopt. These social vermin have been around for as long as legal adoption has been a part of the social scene, and are not likely to disappear any time soon. Couples should always double check that the person they’re dealing with is a licensed, legitimate adoption agency that is legally allowed to do business in the state where they live. When dealing with foreign agencies, ask federal U.S. authorities if there have been any complaints against the entity, and ask for references. Denver family law attorneys at Robinson & Henry say it never hurts to do additional due diligence research as well.

Agencies and Lawyers

Always adopt through a legal, licensed agency and consider hiring an attorney who is experienced with adoption and/or family law. Be sure to ask questions and make sure their licensing checks out as well.

Last-minute Changes

Mothers who put their children up for adoption sometimes change their minds at the last minute, dashing the hopes of prospective adoptive couples. This is a contingency that every adoptive couple should be ready for because birth mothers can have a change of heart about what to do with their offspring.


While adoption expenses are usually deductible according to U.S. tax law, each couple’s situation is different, and a competent professional can help.

Adoption is a life-changing event, both for the parents and the children. Whether a couple plans to adopt a special needs child or a youngster with few challenges, there is always the matter of legal red tape, fees, and pre-adoption screening. Understanding all the aspects of legal adoption beforehand is a huge advantage for couples who want to take on one of the world’s most important tasks: adoption of a child other than their own.

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