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Adrenaline Junkie: Best Motor Sports for First-Timers

Motor sports are a form of excitement that make for great entertainment whether your eight years old, or 84. Seeing these high-speed daredevils risking life and limb to race each other in a test of skill and fortitude is something magical to behold. If you are looking for an adrenaline-charged event, check out some of the most exciting racing sports on the planet. Here is a look at the best motor sports for first-timers to see up close.


If you have never been to a NASCAR event live, you might not get what all the fuss is about from just from watching it on TV. However, just one trip to a live NASCAR event will show you how unbelievably exciting this sport is to see up close. The incredible drama and tension present on the track are almost palpable in the air an any NASCAR event. Try to get a spot on the infield for the most intense NASCAR experience. If you like what you see, you can always try the thrill of stock car racing out for yourself. Visit a racetrack to try it for the day or get your own stock car and join a local racing circuit.


Going to a motocross event is an amazing experience. Seeing these brave motocross riders fly through the air as they race around the course is an intense spectacle. This is a motor sport that is wonderful for aspiring first-timers to try their hand at. It is relatively inexpensive to get started in motocross, which makes it stand out among the motor sports. If you have a youngster interested in the sport make sure you take measures to keep them safe before letting them on their own bike. This includes safety equipment and clothing as well as proper insurance and paperwork.

Rally Racing

One of the most under appreciated motor sports is rally racing. Rally courses are the ultimate test of driving skill. The complexity here requires a navigator to help the driver get around the course. This is a great sport for newbies because it shows them the heights motor sports can reach at their pinnacle.

These three motor sports are a good selection for first timers to get their feet wet. There offer a broad range of racing experiences from off-road adventure to high-speed excitement to motorcycle madness. When new fans get their first taste of motor sports by checking out an event in one of the three categories above, you know that they will be instantly hooked.

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