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Afraid of the Dark? How to Prepare Your Home for a Power Outage

Electricity has become such a vital part of daily life that it can be difficult to function without it. Few homes are actually prepared for even a brief power outage, much less a sustained one, and their occupants often find themselves experiencing real inconvenience and even danger. This situation can be avoided with some simple steps.

Getting Standby Lighting

The challenge isn’t always to have light. Sometimes it’s getting the light turned on. Whether it’s flashlights or candles, most homes have something available. The problem comes when the occupants try to find them in the dark, and the solution is to purchase an automatic light. These units charge in a receptacle until the power goes off; then they turn themselves on. The user then removes the light from the receptacle and uses it as a regular flashlight.

Preparing Communications

The cell phone is one creature comfort that most people can’t do without, and it seems like most batteries are already low when a power outage hits. There are lots of solutions for this problem, with the most popular being simply to charge the phone in the car. However, this can be very inconvenient. Another option is simply to plug the USB charger into a laptop, or best of all, to purchase a portable battery pack that allows the user to carry the phone just like normal.

Making Provisions for Meals

When the lights go out, it’s too late to start thinking about what is available to eat. Well in advance of a power outage, families should plan several meals that are easy to prepare on an outdoor grill or even with a campfire. Most important, though, is taking time to test these meals out in advance to be sure that everything will cook properly and that the necessary utensils and ingredients are on hand.

Installing a Generator

The simplest solution to the entire situation is to install a standby generator. Their growing popularity has put more and more options on the market. Most homeowners can find a suitable unit that can power the essentials in their home, and a qualified electrician can typically install the system quickly and effectively.

The improved reliability of the power grid in many hours has made outages more and more rare, but they still occur. When a homeowner is prepared to be safe and comfortable, those occasional inconveniences are much easier to deal with.

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