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Aging Minds: 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safe

No child ever wants to see a parent struggle, but the reality is it happens. At the moment, there are 5.3 million Americans over 65 suffering from Alzheimer’s, so this issue affects many people. You need to be proactive. You can start with the following five tips to keep your elderly parent safe.


It would be a good idea to install a number of sensors around your parent’s home. These should include a CO2 sensor, flood sensor, and a fire alarm. All of these should be connected to a wireless safety system so that the monitoring team and you will be notified. Those who have parents with a more advanced form of this issue might want to consider installing fall sensors, which can detect if someone has fallen and alert the right people.


A parent suffering from this issue should have a wearable tracking device like a smart watch or something similar. These use a GPS system to help keep track of your parent through the computer or your smartphone. It may seem extreme, but you never know if he or she might get lost running an errand or while going out for a walk.


At the beginning, your family member will not need more than a GPS system to help guide him or her to a particular destination. Those who develop a more serious issue might need a taxi service or may need food and prescriptions delivered to the home to reduce the amount of driving needed. Occasionally, an elderly individual may forget that they are no longer able to drive and attempt to take a car out by themselves, which can result in an accident. For this reason, car keys should not be left out in the open and easily accessible. If your loved one is ever involved in a car accident, it would be a good idea to consult with a law firm or attorney who has experience in auto accident claims.

Home Tweaks

You need to start changing a few things at your loved one’s home. You want to remove the garbage disposal, and you want to remove locks because a forgetful person may lock him or herself in a room. Look for any other possible dangers, and do your best to address those dangers.

Helping Hand

Consider hiring additional help like a house cleaner who can come once a week or every day. This person could be a professional caretaker, or you can start with a regular house cleaner who can check up on your parent from time to time. Of course, those who have a parent with a serious Alzheimer’s condition should consider hiring a professional caretaker.

These are just a few simple tips that can keep your loved one a little safer. This should relieve some of your stress. Do not be afraid to ask your loved one’s doctor for additional help just in case.

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